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Friday, January 28, 2011

Mill House Pond for Pink Saturday 1/29/2011

Happy Pink Saturday, my sweet chicks! Remember to visit with Beverly to view all the pink participants by clicking on the logo below.

So today let's visit another house in a magazine from 1972. As I've said earlier this week, I'm destashing all my files of photos I've saved through the years. So the only place I have them now is on my computer and Photobucket.

Introducing Mill Pond House. Yes, it's really by an old mill pond. The woman of this house had vision—and a loving and understanding hubby!—for to have painted it this gorgeous pink back almost 40 years ago in upstate New York was not common except in Southern California maybe. I lived there then so I should know. This lady was very innovative and courageous. But I'm certainly glad she was because it grabbed at my heart 40 years ago. When I first saw these pictures I actually gasped. I loved this house above all others back then. I still love it but as time comes and goes I've seen others that have touched my heart at least as much as this one.

It's a huge house with enough acreage that the owners have to have a little tractor to take care of the grounds.

This is the large family room off the back with 3 separate seating sections with 4 sofas. That doorway under the stairs opens to another little study with a mural painted by the husband's mother with her little dog.

It was the pink candy striped sofas that drew my attention immediately. As per a post this week, you can see I had a pink striped sofa but I had to get rid of it when we moved here 5 years ago. It broke my heart. I sold it to a family with many kids and I know she took the slipcover off of it immediately and probably threw it out. I was sick but nothing to be done about it. That slipcover cost me $800.00 about 25 years ago also and was in perfect condition. I almost cried.

This is an eating area off the back as you can see in the top photo. I lust for a room like this. Sigh...

A small library with an exquisite sofa and an indoor window seat with the same flowered cushions. There wasn't a photo of the red room beyond this one but somehow it fits what a formal living room would be I think because I see a beautiful fireplace in there.

To have a master bedroom this luxurious and big is a dream I'll never fulfill in this life.

Now, you didn't think I wouldn't show you the actual mill pond, did you? Here it is and it's adorable with this little guest cottage they had redone by Ralph Lauren. Very different from the style of the lady of the house, but exquisite. Sit, lunch and then swim.

Like me, she must love stripes!

See the owner's pink house in the background.

This photo is horrid but I put it in here to show you the little dam of water you can see out the window. Darling!

I apologize for the photos but they were scans of magazine photos I've had for 40 years tucked away and did get some abuse from me pulling them out and looking at them from time to time. If scanners had been invented back then I'm sure I would have saved them in a much better state but I'm just lucky I didn't throw them away until I scanned them this week to show you. They're now safe for the ages to come.

Now, I have a compelling video for y'all to watch. I'm just linking up to it here and won't put the video on for those of you (US!) who don't like them on blogs because it slows it down too much. I can guarantee this will lift your hearts. So without further ado, let's give a rousing cheer to our brave men and women who are fighting for our country, bloggers!!! Just click on th' Kiss and go for it. I guarantee you'll have tears in your eyes for joy.