My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Romantic Bedrooms

I love hopping into bed when the sheets are fresh and crisp and seem to "talk" to me in "crinkles." And that bright dappled morning light on a summer day or that ethereal light from the snowy morning when I awaken to a white wonderland is breathtaking. The scent of the wind in the sheets from line drying as I turn my nose into the pillow. Ummm umph! Love it.

A beautiful little stool with a wisp of a covering so it can show its lovely vintage form.

The airing out of pillows, quilts or comforters in the fresh outdoors air.

A magnificent vignette at the foot of the bed. But the gorgeous shapely iron bed seems to beckon to its owner to come in and enjoy me.

Or the faintly Early American bed with its curtains waiting to be drawn to keep out the winter chills that you can envision our ancestors enjoying from the rigors of their daily chores.

Are you one of the fortunate ones to have a little sitting room off from our bedroom to relax and read or chat with your spouse? Aaaaaah, luxury.

A small dressing table to sit at is another luxury few can afford due to the smaller bedrooms in today's homes but they are wonderful if you can fit one in.

Or a small side or lamp table next to your bed with fresh roses and pictures of loved ones to remember as the first vestige of morpheus descends upon us.

The fabulous wonders of luxurious sumptuous linens upon which to lay our heads.
"To sleep, perchance to dream - ay, there's the rub."

I'm grateful for my country—The United States of America. I love this country and the freedoms it brings and nothing or no one will ever take them away. It was founded by men of God with the help of God. Christopher Columbus was divinely directed to this country over 600 years ago to pave the way for religious freedom because he knew it would be founded here. We welcome people here to revel in these great states of ours and partake of the many opportunities it offers. We are a freedom loving country. May God continue to bless this country and we acknowledge how great it is.