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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pink Shoe for Pink Saturday 11/21/09

Welcome to Pink Saturday once again. Please go visit with Beverly at howsweetthesound and view all the pink you can handle for one week.

Now for the other shoe. Some photos were taken inside and some outside on a very cold snowy morning!

As I said, I think this one should be pink since that's my favorite color. Then a couple of layers of pink tissue paper were glued on. I'm still working on more layers.

The heel was painted white but I decided to do it in iridescent silver. That's taking a lot of coats. So far I have applied 5 coats at this point.

I keep forgetting to take photos as the work progresses but you get the idea. Lace, roses, vintage jewelry and a little chick.

The back has some little poseys and a paper rose. I can't sell this because I actually did wear these shoes at one time and who in the world would want my old scuffed worn out shoe?!

After looking at the shoe critically I asked for some feedback from my sweet eBay group. I agreed with them; it wasn't exactly what I wanted and a bit over the top with the grass and chick. So I revamped it and this is what I came up with finally. I must say I like it a lot better, although I'll have to adjust the stuffing a bit. I was in a hurry to get this on since I've been known to forget. It looks "cleaner" now. Perfect for a place in this pink house!

If I ever do another shoe, and there's much doubt about that, I'll never use tissue paper again. I believe I'd use fabric. I like working with it much more than anything else.