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Thursday, August 2, 2012

On Being Famous

As I've stated before, we moved to this town of about 90,000 to get out of a very small (5,000 population) town as I realized after a few years I was not a small town girl. I've lived in large cities most of my life. I feel a certain safety living in anonymity. Small duck in a large pond instead of a large duck in a small pond. I've always felt that way. I cannot explain what originally led us to move to a small town but we did, which led us to here.

So several months ago I received an invitation to have my house photographed for a famous magazine. While it was very flattering, I decided to not accept their offer.

Then again a few months ago another magazine contacted me with the same offer. Again, I said no, thank you. I was again flattered. But I'm not sure I want the fame that comes with that or the trouble and anticipation of doing an actual photo shoot. While I splash all kinds of photos on this blog, there is still some anonymity for me, which brings me to a recent tragedy in Colorado. Horrible, horrible thing to happen to those innocent men, women and children.

I have read some of the articles of what people thought would make a man kill that many people in a theater. Some said it was the fault of guns. Nope, I don't think so. We have guns and have never shot anyone and if someone sane with a gun had been there that night I think fewer people would have died. I believe he is mentally unbalanced, plus it was his quest for fame. (Remember, for us, the desire to have guns comes from being robbed 3 times and walking in on 2 guys, one who came at me with a screwdriver. Hubby subdued him but it was absolutely terrifying for me to face a man with a potential weapon. Never again!)

Hear me out.

We have instant gratification now with iPhones and cameras recording every single act we can photograph. These people have serious psychological problems. Their quest is fame. We see it all around us every single day on news sites, youtube, facebook and it's getting ridiculous. I hate what social media has become. A faux pas moment can instantly be caught and sent around the world in mere seconds to the embarrassment of the person being photographed. That gets the photographer FAME. And the ones being photographed fame also, but most of the time it's embarrassing or criminal fame. If the media didn't bring the acts to everyone in the world, then it might stop. I certainly don't know, but I doubt that's going to happen. News is news to stations fighting for ratings. Sad, very sad. My heart just crumbled for those people facing such a situation. I know, however, that my hubs would protect me with his very own life should this happen. He carries a gun and while the decision to use it would wrack him with grief, I know he'd take that chance to save his or his family's lives.

I have used my camera phone one time and only once. It was a shopping situation where I had to send a photo of an item to a friend to see if it was something she wanted me to buy for her since she lives about an hour's drive from shopping. I don't text; I talk on my phone. I'm one who wants to hear their voice and emotions. And yes, my kids get on me all the time about not texting but I just won't succumb. I don't need to. I've lived without texting for 70 years and so have billions of other people. I don't think we need it as much as others think we do.

So bottom line on this is: I'm not itchin' to become famous. I love my privacy and anonymity much more.

This is another “dream bedroom” of mine. I think it’s gorgeous.

Another beautiful one I adore. I think it’s the dripping linens on the bed that drew me to this one however.

I like the duvet in this one a lot.

This looks like it’s in Europe somewhere. I love my backyard but I could get used to living here for a while, maybe summers here. No backyard neighbors. ☺

I try to avoid stairs at all costs anymore but I do love this look. The wisteria would smell so good though.

A little rental in France.

I think these are the prettiest afghan pillows I’ve ever seen. Just love all the colors she’s used.

A serene place to rest.

If you’re inclined to vacation like this then this would be an excellent spot to do it.

I would LOVE to have a tub like this in our backyard. It’s secreted so no one could see you and that’s what I’d like. Oooooh, this really speaks to me.

What a darling room with all white cushions and pink roses for a touch of color. Fabulous.

This shower I could see in my backyard also. Taking a shower out here in the summer would be a lot of fun.

I cannot possibly see anyone sleeping like this. I’d get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, step off and kill myself flopping to the floor below. This is just not kid-friendly and I think the owner should be smacked for letting a kid sleep on it. Can you imagine?

Another interesting place to dream.

Isn’t this cute?! I love how it’s decorated.

This is the most interesting pantry I’ve ever seen. I still think I’d put doors on it though. Very pretty.

Ooooooh, yeah. In a heartbeat!!!!!

And a perfect farmhouse for all you wanna-be farmers out there.
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