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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Story Behind the Photos

You may have read a post a couple of months ago (and I won't bore you with the link since it's probably boring anyway!) about how I take many photos for just a few pictures to post. Yes, it's true...with this photo shoot being the exception. I'm showing you ALL of them and the story behind it.

At this particular moment it is 27° here in the southwest desert of Idaho. Now, I'm a hot chick...literally a hot chick. I keep my house at 67—68° summer and winter. Sometimes 66°. I have been "warm" since menopause and it hasn't changed. Never had a hot flash. Never taken hormone replacement therapy. Just warm all the time. I do get cold but it feels good. Twenty-seven degrees was even a tad cold for me. But anyway, I finished 6 cones for the pink tree and wanted to get a photo of them as quickly as I could before the light was entirely gone, asking Love Bunny (who MAY be referred to as Scrooge Bunny from here on out!) to be my model and hold them. Notice I've cropped Scrooge out of the photo. ;-)

So we stepped out the back patio door and I told him to just hold them. The first photo is actually the first photo. I wanted a different angle to catch the last rays of light so the second photo is that one. Being the perfectionist I am and never ever taking just one photo of anything, I asked Mr. Scrooge to turn around so I could get another shot closer up. Then it went down hill from there. He got loud and started saying it's snowing, which it was, but it was just starting so very light, for Pete's sake. DUH. He could have stood there and we could have finished much faster if he'd just have kept his mouth shut, ya know. He knows I take a lot of photos and well, you get the picture.

Painted the cones pink, hot glued some flowers and roses on the front of all 6 and added chicks to 5 of them and and a posy to the 6th one.

This one is Mr. Scrooge cropped out because he was "bah, humbugging" me! That'll teach him!