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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Where Bloggers Create Sunday

Brenda at thebrendablog has invited us all to share our spot where we create. This is a scary thought! Hah.... But I'm game for anything as most of you know so here is my tiny spot of my own where I spend most of the day if I'm not sewing or crafting, which is another room but nonetheless scary. ;-)

I enter each day through this magical "portal" which has decal roses on the door. My view as I enter the door from the hallway. I have a wonderful window seat that is the front of my home and I can keep watch, but truthfully, I'm so busy usually that I'm not a person that keeps watch out of that window. ;-)

The view across from me as I type this. As you can see if you look closely, I "practice" different paint colors behind that door. Yeah, yeah, I'll get the room painted some time in the next couple of years. :-)

Proceeding to the left around the room this is a far view of the area where I do a lot of photoshoots. There are pictures on the wall of things chicks have painted and given me or I have purchased and there is even one picture of a bird nest I painted! I am not an artist but I give it a try to satisfy a need in me to be creative. I use the term "paint" verrrry loosely here. That's my computer screen on my desk in the near part. My computer is called Max. The green frog sitting on top of my Apple Cinema Display watches over me and goes with me in the car when we travel to keep an "eye" on Love Bunny's driving. I'm not the "back seat driver", Frog is!! This is entirely true; I'm not making it up. He sits on the dashboard until such time as I gently lift him up and stick his little bug-eyed green face into hubs' face and warns him to slow down that his "eye" is on him. His actual words are "I've got my EYEEEE on YUUUUU!"

Oooooops, sorry, that's Frog's back side. Now he's embarrassed......sigh...... But that's the front of my romantic cottage style desk. It's quite big and heeeeeavvvvyy. Wooooooeeeee, can't move it around very much.

View here is looking directly at me and what is behind me - bulletin boards, "fluff" and shelves with little cottage houses I collect. That's my iSight webcam sitting on top of my monitor.

Going further left around the room that's a closet. Duh!!!!!! I keep those doors closed always for a reason. I can't stand viewing its innards!

A little bookshelf that stores personal items and my "computer" books. I'm a techie and love computers. The clock was given to us on our 40th anniversary by my son.

Inside the closet. Lower half. Packing and postal supplies. Storage boxes with ephemera, bank statements and such items in them. There is rarely anything in my home that isn't useful or beautiful and pleasing to the eye, including storage boxes.

The very top of that closet with our old phones (Ya never know when a phone will disappear in this house; I lost one in here and never have yet found it! Thus we keep them for a little while.) An extra monitor also. I wanted to donate it to DI but hubs says he can use it in the office so it'll go there soon. If my monitor ever goes out I'm toast, I tell ya! :-(

My wireless printer/scanner/fax/copier. The plain printer cart underneath is covered with a cover I made because it's one of those cheap carts and hides all the papers I use underneath.

Back of the chair I'm in most of the time doing computer stuff. I found a gorgeous chair cover for it and just love it. That's my monitor, keyboard, and other essentials.

Front view of chair cover. Love Bunny made me a plywood mat because the plastic ones are always cracking on this carpet. He painted it bright candy apple red because that was the only can of paint he had enough of. You can barely see Max, my computer, peeking his head through to the left of the desk. He's such a showoff!!! Hah....

Full fiew of that lovely chair cover.

Now, this might not look like much to you but the blue dress is one of mine when I was a baby over 60 some years ago. The white one is one of my doll dresses. The Hawaiian outfit was one I got when I lived in Hawaii in the middle 1940s. It was for a mardi gras that they were having when we first arrived there to live for 2 years. Still fits, too!!!! Laughing uproariously!!!! Gotcha, huh?!!?!

Closeup of my little houses I've collected from all over and from when we were in Ireland.

Close up of what's behind me at this very moment.

My personal files and yes, they are pink and lavender. Just about everything in this house is colored, even my stapler and my staples are blue, red and green. I'm not kidddddding............
My window seat with the books I'm trying to get rid of and sell on my selling blog. I'm going to put them all at half the price on there now so you might want to look. It'll take me a while to do this but it's going to be the price as soon as I can do it. The window seat pad was made by me. It was my first attempt so I used inexpensive fabric but since I'LL NEVER EVER DO IT AGAIN, it stays!!!!! It is pretty fabric though.

Photo shoot area up close with all the stuff I just emptied out of a vintage drawer that I was going to sell but changed my mind and am frou frou-ing it up to put in my family room as a shelf/shadow box or something like that. I'll show you when I've finished with it. This area changes frequently with my whims!! ;-) The postal scale on the left sits on a "dumpster diving" find from my neighbor who was moving. I have no clue how I'll fix it up yet so it's just plain now.

My desk close up with all my daily essentials. My JBL speakers called The Creature are on the left and looks like a ghost or something like that. They put out powerful music on my iTunes though.

The little thing on the lower right is my external hard drive backing up all my files without me even doing a thing. You chicks DO back up, don't you?!??!! You'd better!!

And that's it, my sweet little chickees. My favorite spot in the whole house, the place where I blog. I hope you've enjoyed the tour through my tiny office space. It's not very big but then we're retired seniors and don't want a big house to take care of. Moving from 5,000 s.f. to this 1800 s.f. has been a blessing for us. We are truly blessed!
Thank you so much for dropping by and letting you into my "private spot" and as you can see I'm very much an "everyday chick" in an "everyday space"! It's been a real pleasure hosting this tour for you. Donations are accepted at the small drop box by the door!!! ;-)

I've received several awards lately and it's very hard for me to keep up with them, but I do so appreciate you all who have given me awards. So I'll share one with you now.

This one is from Gina over at catnipinnprimitives. She's correct in that we don't share similar styles in our decorating but hers is cozy. Plus she's real close to me out here in the west. ;-)
I now have to name 7 blogs and why I love their blogs so much.

1. Rhea at sweetnshabbyroses. I truly believe her pictures are among the best I've ever seen on the blogs. Must be that Las Vegas sun! She and I share a love of many things and she knows exactly what I mean because we talk a LOT!

2. Shannon at Paint Mine Pink because, again, of the photos. Must be that AUSSIE sunshine! LOL And I love her items and the sweet way she has of giving her son a "tea party" when he comes home from school

3. Fitty at fittyspinkyrosecottage because she lives on the other side of the world from me but she lives in a romantic cottage in Asia. How much more special can it get to have someone with such a huge difference in geography live like we do here? She's a little doll!

4. Stephanie of angelicaccents because she and I "share" a true southern belle of a mom! How can this be, you ask??? Well, we've just adopted each other because Steph and I are "sisters" on a group together and we share each other's lives on a regular basis.

5. Ronda Ray Juniper of antiquecottagerose not just because she paints the most exquisite antique rose windows but mostly because she has a Mac computer! We Mac users have to stick together. But her painting is unbelievable!!

6. Kelly of rosevinecottage because she has a camper she has decorated in the shabby style and I could look at it all day. I truly WILL decorate our little popup camper the best way I can in emulating hers. Alas, though, I'll never come up to her standards. *Sigh*.............

7. Cami at camillefano because quite simply she touches my heart with her musings. Plus she got a painting for $2 and I lust for it!! She takes a great deal of time to raise her children when she could be out in the world making big buckarinos but she chose to stay home with the Princess and her brother. I admire that immensely. Cami reads "thinkers" books and I read trashy espionage, mystery and once in a while will pick a "thinker" book. Sometimes though the most "thinking" I can handle is Erma Bombeck and a blind date with Walter Brennan! Yeah, yeah, I read Robert Bork and David Horowitz, but I love seeing the bad guys get caught and burned!!! LOL ;-) My all time favorite book was Lonesome Dove though. I think that book is an American Classic!

I think you've had enough of me for one day though. Tata, my sweet chicks!!