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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Master Bath Redo July 2009 and Pink Saturday

For this Pink Saturday I'm showing you our master bathroom. Please go visit with Beverly at howsweetthesound for all the participants for this event. I think you'll enjoy it. And also a "thank you" to Bev because this takes a lot of work to put it together each week with more and more bloggers participating.

I also want to give a shout out to a sweet lady and her business on ebay selling decals - very inexpensively! I needed some decals recently and she went out of her way to accommodate me. I told her I'd give her some advertising for being so kind and helpful. Go see Christine at Shabby Cottage Decals on ebay.

I cannot get a good shot of our bathroom as it is so close in there but here is what I could come up with for you. This is only the tub area. There is a shower to the right of it but it's not very "inspiring" and neither is the double sink area where we groom each morning. I doubt that you'd want to see our toilet room either although it has a border, shelves and magazine rack in it. But as I said, this is our "scaled down forever" house and not especially elegant. But there is a lot of love in this house and it is very quiet and peaceful. I want it to be pleasing to the Lord but I personally have a bit of a ways to go in that department. *Sigh*.........

The shelf went back in with a few changes.

The bird cage went back up with the swag now netting instead of the long window scarf. I cannot tell you how much better things look with the pink background and it matches beautifully with the stone surround on the tub, which thankfully isn't beige but more of a taupe—my favorite "neutral" accent color other than white.

A close view of the ceiling hook which holds the scarf, ribbon roses that I made and the bird cage.

I "poofed" the sides also and added the paper roses. I think it looks much more elegant than just a plain tub area.

I added more roses to the tub surround and hid all the paraphernalia one needs when in the tub behind an inflatable pink shell back support. You can't see it very well but it's on the left side bottom. Fancy sponges and soaps can be seen, but the Nair, razor blades and stuff to pretty up the feet are hidden behind it.

And lastly, this is the walk in closet with our clothes, sheets, towels and all the stuff one would normally put in a medicine cabinet but our medicine cabinets hold my makeup and hubs' grooming stuff. Doesn't it look neat and orderly?

I cannot tell you how happy I am that everything is pink now. It just looks fantastic to me. Now, if hubs will just let the painter know when he is ready to have his office painted it'll be over. One tropical green room isn't so bad a price to pay for the rest of the house to be PINK!