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Friday, October 11, 2013

Our Own Miss Posh/Hello Kitty ;-)

I pin more and more images on my pinterest each day. I'm up to almost 11,900. Just go on over to see them. I know you'll spend a lot of time just browsing the photos I haven't gotten on this blog yet. Just eye candy!

As I've stated before, I've got a "pip" of a great granddaughter. She's very precocious. Never forgets a thing. I recently sent her some leg warmers and a hat made especially for her:

She now refers to herself as Fancy Nancy or Posh. She's definitely a "star" and if you know the order of birth characteristics in a family, the first one is usually a star. She is!

Here she is going into her school dressed in so much Hello Kitty she could be an advertisement:

And here she is asleep with her sister, and yes, they both have curly hair, WILD hair, which pleases me to no end!!

They are both so funny and a delight to me and their grandfather! Her mother, our granddaughter, tells us this story from a day ago:

Heading into daycare today, some father is heading back out to his car as we enter and is singing a children's song to himself, fairly loud (and he is alone at this point just having dropped off his child). Caroline asks where "Steve" is going. I was about to ask if she knew the man, then looked back at him, realized he was wearing a shirt with large horizontal stripes of gray and green, and immediately realized she thought is was Steve from Blues Clues!

Gorgeous color in this tropical paradise.

Lovin' the red in this kitchen.

I'd just like a skylight in my living room! This is pure decadence, having one in a bath.


What a cute table setting.

Just because I love seeing fabrics. ;-)

More lovely peonies.

I collected so many plates over the years that I had no room for them so started selling some, giving away some and sending some to my daughter for mosaics.

I'd love to have this trio for my kitchen counters.

My favorite color combo: pink and yellow.

Just a room I found beautiful for both women and men. Who wouldn't love to live in this comfy room?

Lovin' this porch also.

A red stove? Yes, I would like a red one...or a pink one.

A perfect setup for a kitchen and dining area in my opinion.

Stunningly gorgeous. Too rich for my budget however.
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