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Friday, March 8, 2013

It's Near That Time Of Year Again

It's near summer and already I'm getting the heebie/jeebies. You who have read me for any length of time know what that means: camping season! I hate it!

Now, last year when we brought the camp trailer over from the storage place and it had gotten ruined by mildew from the rain somehow getting under the tarp or the weather had deteriorated the tarp, it was just about a total loss. Okay, okay, so I was jumping up and down with impish glee and, perhaps, wishing hubs would just trash it or sell it as-is just to be able to get rid of it. But nooooo, he decided to order a new canvas covering to the tune of $800.00 and fix the wood inside the metal shell, picking the rotted wood out small piece by small piece. Does this man never run out of energy?! Sigh. Then came the painting part. He still needs new decals but we'll forgo them for a while I suppose. He's a-hankering to get 'er out in th' wilds of Idaho. Pffffft!

Well, I may take a 2-night trip with him, but the older I get the harder it is to sleep on those 3" foam mattresses with my hips. I know some of you understand. And also, some of you think I'm nuts. Why would I want to leave the comfort of my air-conditioned home with my computer, thick foam queen-size bed, refrigerator, TOILET to go to a camp site with 90° weather, skunks, bears, no phone, have our food in soggy water because the ice only lasts two days and he usually drags me along on a 3 or 4 day trip, sit on a folding chair, not be able to read past 8 pm because it gets dark early in the mountains? If this appeals to you, you need serious psycho-counseling.

Last summer our daughter and her hubby bought an RV. They said we could use it if we wanted or come down to California and go with them to the coast or lake. I could have popped her for encouraging her father even more. Plus she's decorated it all in Hello Kitty! Need. I. Say. More? Hmmmm? I knew you'd understand.
With that being said, below are some cute caravans for your perusal. If I could have one in my back yard and never go anywhere in it, that would be fine with me. We could "play" camping and come into the house when I get tired of it.

Why did God invent camping trailers? Actually, I think this is one of satan's tricks to make wives miserable. Yeah, that's it.

Another gorgeous porch in red and white stripes.

An efficiency apartment or loft done extremely well and beautiful.

A beautiful porch overlooking a beautiful ocean.

The next few photos are trailers or caravans depending on where you live. Actually, I prefer caravans because it sounds a bit more elegant than trailers.

Isn't this adorable in red?

This looks like something out of the 50s and so adorable.

The owner of this caravan is a gal after my own heart. She's bold with color and accessories. Who would have thought antlers in a froufrou setting? Love it! Perhaps her hubs needed something signifying a man lives there too. ;-) Hubs would understand this.

Another red one with aqua walls.

One of my favorite ones with all the different fabrics in it.

Can't you just see this in a shabby home? Darling.

Fields of hydrangeas.

This is a home in Russia with an indoor pool and waterfall.

The colors may blind you but it's certainly cute.

I'm not fond of the smell of lavender but it's still gorgeous growing in fields or around a home garden. We have huge lavender fields just down the road a bit from us. All the seniors want their photos taken in it for their senior year photo.

Is this glam and glitz to the extreme or what?!

Another gorgeous porch for you to see.

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