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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Okay, another experiment, chicks.

Yes! Yes!
Recently, I purchased this No!No!. Have you ever heard of it? Nooooo... Well, I'm here to tell ya. It's supposed to be the best thing since nose jobs. I kid you not. Now, since we alllll know I'm an old lady with lip and chin hairs and have tried the electrolysis bit—and let me tell you right here that to get a treatment from Daisy Lee (which is what we'll call his lady) wasn't so much a treatment but an experience!

Once when daughter was visiting I asked her if she'd go with me to Daisy Lee's for the treatment. She agreed and since she was in the room and my daughter and Daisy Lee both love cats they got carried away with the conversation and nearly bar-b-qued my chin and lips! I am not joking. Daughter could tell I was in distress, which is a polite phrase for a near panic attack with my eyes bugged out. She quickly shut up and Daisy Lee looked at me and said, "Ooooops." I gave that up posthaste. Then since I'm so fair the laser treatments won't work. They're designed for dark hair and if mine isn't light it's gray—face, not head hair, which looks frosted because of so much gray. ;-)

So, lo and behold, I hear about this latest technology called thermicon, which burns the hair. Yessssss, it burns it but it truly doesn't hurt. I only smell like a singed cat for a day or so. Well worth it.

Join me in unwrapping the box.

You knew I'd pick the pink over the black one, right?

Cord and bag to keep it in.

Yes, you must buff the singed hair off.

The super duper blades. They don't call them "Hot Blades" for nothing. Oh, and pictures will follow later. Sigh...

After the self-treatment on my face, I had to go do something in the craft room to forget the experience for a while. ;-) I'll do the legs tomorrow. Can you guess what this is being froufrou-ed up?

Okay, here is the leg right after "shaving" a week earlier. Please remember the age of these legs and also that it is very drying to have them zapped and then using a buffer on them, but I wanted to show you that it takes the hair off wonderfully. And truly there was absolutely no pain in doing it. Just once in a while I'd feel a very quick "burn".

If YOU photographed your legs up this close they probably wouldn't look much better! ;-) So I'm giving it a high rating and recommending it if you want less hair and finer hair at a fraction of the cost of laser treatments.

See what I go through to show you gals so that you won't have to waste money if something doesn't work. :-)