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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kitchen Cabinets Knobs

The kitchen cabinets are needing more pizzazz. Why, you ask, would I be so concerned about them when I would eat every meal out if I could because I hate cooking anymore? Because I'm a woman, that's why. At a certain age, we would prefer to eat out, being lazy in our older years. I know there are women who just love to cook for their families for the big holidays. I ain't one of them! I'm sure there's a self-help group somewhere for them. I'll look into it if requested!

So, I decided to use some decals I made a couple of years ago of my own pathetic little rose. I think I used the wrong sealer and they sort of crackled. I did the top cabinets—all 9 of them—trying to convince myself they would be just fine once they set and dried. NO luck! Never fear; I am never without decals in this house, purchased or made by me.

So I took them off and replaced them with some I had in my stash of decals. I like these much better.

Here are a few different angles so you can see them better. It's difficult photographing them up this close with the flash, but I get much better photos with my flash than without when inside this house.


Random Thoughts:

We have 2 kids—a daughter and a son. They were born 11 1/2 months apart. Hubby had her potty trained and broken from the bottle while I was in the hospital having Keith. Yes, you can believe that; she was potty trained at 11 1/2 months.

While giving birth to Keith I almost died, but I didn't realize he didn't know this until this year when I mentioned it while we were all together for the blessing of Caroline, our newest addition to the family. It was just a casual mentioning of being in the hospital for 11 days and not seeing him for 9 days because of how sick I was. He was shocked. I never thought much of it and just never mentioned it to him I suppose. I had uremic poisoning.

But this isn't about the birth of him; it's about how I don't usually talk about one kid to the other. It's just how it's been in this family. Hubby and I keep our counsel to ourselves about our kids. But to think I'd never let our son know how sick I was when having him was a bit surprising even to me. I just don't pit one against the other. They're both mine and loved equally.

Recently I read where the government is mandating work places be given rooms for mothers to breast feed their babies. I think having a private "mother's lounge" would be fine, but does that mean the child is in the building and readily available? Let me tell you about my niece.

M works for a think tank in Washington, D.C. They are providing a room where mothers can pump into a tube that goes down to the nursery through the walls (not hand carrying!) and is available for the child. No contact with the child, just some person puts it into a bottle for him and he eats. What is this world coming to when mothers won't stay home to be with their infants and give them the personal attention they deserve? I was just astounded at this revelation. Institutionalized babies. Horrible. Human beings are a precious resource!

Pennies are made at the rate of 1,000 a second. The U.S. mint took more than 2 years to produce its first million coins, but today can make that many in 45 minutes.

The greed of today.
We talk all about the greedy evil bankers but they wouldn't have been paid all those millions if we hadn't been willing to buy the fantasy they were selling. So don't blame them; blame the people who were so greedy they thought they could buy anything they wanted. All of this got worse when we were willing to believe all that popular culture was feeding our desire for more and more stuff. It's one thing to see sports and movie stars in their mansions in a rarified world and we thought if they have it I should be able to have it. We bought that we felt we were entitled to. We thought we could buy what we wanted. This caused our values to change. Things don't matter; people do. And that's just one of the reasons we're in this situation today.

I hear people regularly say they have issues with something. It's not an issue; it's a problem or opinion. Calling it an issue tries to give it a "lofty" feeling. Call a spade a spade here and get over it.

To see the condition of the human heart, you must look first to where scientists will not admit to looking at all. It's that simple. ;-)