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Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Love Ruffles

I'm participating in Cielo's Ruffle Love in Show Off Your Cottage Monday so visit with all the participants.

I decided I wanted some ruffles on something. Can you guess what it is? First, I ripped 4" strips from 3 yards of fabric. That gave me a lot to gather with the ruffler. I ended up with over 16 yards of ruffles.

Just before ruffling.

After ruffling. LOTS of ruffles.

I have more than enough for this project and several yards left for crafting or other projects.

Just pinned on here to start sewing. Surely you've guessed by now.

If you guessed they were for the new curtains I made, you're correct. I love the white polka dots on white; plus the ruffle truly does add to the overall effect of the curtains.

Now if I can just wait for the new white slipcover!