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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A New Camera for Pink Saturday 2/28/09

The camera is another Canon PowerShot but it's an SD990 IS (which means image stabilizer and that helps it not be blurry if my hand shakes a bit. And ya never know with these old hands! Hah). It's a 14 mpx which is twice as many pixels as the old one, but it is astounding in its clarity. I love it. And I never had to change the settings at all on any of the pictures on this post!! Astounding!! I am just like a kid in a candy shop with new cameras. I am such a techie chick!

I was almost nose to nose with the rose in this picture - very close up and a bit blurry, but it was my first picture with this camera.

Backed off a little bit in this one.

Got in a bit closer and it worked well here. I cropped in closer to achieve the nearness of it but I was still further away than in the first one.

Very close in but turned out good. Plus I cropped in very closely on this picture.

Backed off a bit here and looks wonderful!

Not too tight a shot.

But got in very tight on this one. Cropped this picture a lot also.

Little too close here and a tad blurry but................

Backed off a bit here and it looks much better. Again, cropped closely here.

Now, for an astonishing bit of news here. I didn't change one setting while taking any and all of the above pictures! I didn't turn out the lights, adjust the nearness or the lighting at all. Isn't this amazing?!?!

Oooooh, and the other fact, none - not ONE, of these roses are real, but you would never ever know it by looking at them. They are all different types of roses and purchased at 3 different stores through the years but they defy anyone who sees them to think they are not real. They are gorgeous!