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Friday, February 17, 2012

Soft Places and Pink Saturday 2/18/2012

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I love soft places. Oh, I don't mean just soft surroundings—fabrics, beds, chairs, soft things, etc. I mean photos, a word, a memory or just something that touchs that soft place in my heart that we keep hidden from most people. I've always had a soft heart. By that I mean I am easily reduced to tears thinking about a memory that touches me deeply.

I love bright colors also. Oh, I love the soft pinks but I am truly drawn to bold bright colors.

I am drawn to laundry flapping in the breeze.

I am drawn to any kind of lotions that smell good and cream my hands softly. By the way, this is what I did to Miss Caroline when we were there recently. She loved to have me put sweet smelling shea butter on her tiny little hands.

I am drawn to feminine attire.

I am drawn to cozy bedrooms.

I am drawn to roses and flowers that smell good.

I am especially drawn to fabrics that are pink, have roses on them or just touch my fancy.

I am drawn to things that trigger my nostalgia as this retro kitchen does.

I am drawn to beauty.

What are you drawn to? :-)

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