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Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Rose I'm Happy With!!

I just had to share this rose I did this afternoon and am just so happy with it! I've got one I'm actually pleased with. I'm on a roll now, chicks!! LOL Please click to see it up close. It really is quite adequate. ;-)

A Little Project and a SurpriiiIIIIiisssseee!!!

I've just been informed that it is Shannon who posted this idea about the framed plates. Thanks, Lyn!!! I appreciate it, sweetpea........

A little project I saw the other day. I'd give credit if I could remember who in the world it was! I simply can't because my mind can't keep up. Remember I'm an "old lady" and perhaps becoming senile, sweet chicks?!?! Hmmmmmmm, no matter.......

Anyway, she had some old frames she didn't know what to do with and put some little plates in them. I did the same thing only I did it with butter pats. I have about 7 that just sit in my china cabinet so I thought that since I had some extra frames sitting around here that I'd do the same thing. Little vintage roses and violets butter pats will now adorn my walls.........uhhhhh, somewhere in this house!

I think this is the very first bird's nest that I painted. Not too bad but I'm improving.

This is a special painting I did for someone as a surprise and she'll get it in the mail in a couple of days. It's a giant very whimsical cupcake!! I think she'll be surrRRrpriiiiisssSSSSeddddd!!

And these are my friday, 9/19, practice roses. PinkkkkkK!! When I say it this way it's like emphasizing the K at the end. Get it??? PinkkkkkK!!! LOL