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Monday, June 23, 2008

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful!!!

Oh my sweet little birdies, I didn't mean ME; I meant the chair covers!!! And some people have emailed me asking where the slip/chair cover comes from. Okay, here is that sweet lady's website. She is an absolute doll and she MOST affordable covers I've ever seen!!!!!!!

Ronda's Chair Covers


There's a story behind this!!

The last couple of years I've gone through 2 or 3 of those "el cheapo" chair floor pads because our floor is carpet with thick padding and they keep breaking. I'm tired of giving Mr. Costco so much money so I had an idea! Nuuuuuuuuu, some of my ideas are quite good actually!!!! Be nice. :-)

Okay, a couple of weeks ago I asked my little Love Bunny if he'd take some of the scraps left from his model train room in the 3rd car garage and put it down in my office. Nice thick plywood, right?! Well, it started "splintering" with these rollers on the chair. Hmmmm, so I got to thinkin' again! Nuuuuuuuuuuuu, good idea, chicks! I asked him to paint it and then we'd varnish it to protect it from further "splintering."

Now, I wanted this done friday and saturday because hubs was to leave for northern Idaho for a convention and be gone for 3 days. (I must say here that I'm not a patient person when I get one of my hare-brained........uhhhhhhh, I mean BRILLIANT ideas! Sooooo the only color of paint he had a full can of was bright red. I said that'll do because I didn't want him running to Home Depot, just wanted the job done. It is truly a TRUE red and not at all orangish as in the pix. Candy Apple Red!! Then he quickly sprayed it and saturday gave it 2 coats of varnish because he'd be leaving sunday morning. The pix below is the result. This was a "quick fix" and if it starts splintering again hubs said we'll get better plywood and paint and varnish BEFORE the wheels of the chair crunch it! But I really love it now that I'm used to it. However, if it has to be redone I'm going "PINK"!!!!!!

Now, the other of the roses office chair cover I ordered and it arrived today!!! I couldn't have been more delighted with it!!! il est adorable, non?!?! I absolutely adore it and just had to share as quickly as these fingers could type, my little cupcakes!!!!!!!! Isn't this space just beautiful?!?!?!?!?! I love it!