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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Latest Creation

Just so you all know, this post was composed over a week ago and might not make sense because Deb has gotten her prize now. I believe it's the one she would have chosen. Sorry if there is any confusion!

I've been wanting to create something just so very froufrou-y for a while and just have been lazy about it. But I have 2 valentine swaps and a 500th post giveaway and decided to make items just kinda over the top - in a classy way of course. ;-) Can I make ya laugh or what, chicks? So now..........

This will be the first of 3 things I'm doing. So someone has a choice to make today. My Dolly's Valentine Swap partner, Deb, has a decision to make. Are you reading this, Debbbbbbbb?!?!?! You can have this one or it can be one that you haven't seen yet. It's your decision to make. A sure thing.....or a sight-unseen thing? If you don't take this one it'll be the prize for the giveaway for my 500th post. I've told all you chicks about this so if you miss out by commenting on my blog when I post the giveaway prize don't come crying to me as that always interferes with my Feng Shui and I hate when that happens! Ratzzzzzzz ! ;-)

This little jewel is roses barkcloth on the front with a red valentine bead up at the peak of the roof (hidden under the white garland) and roses running along the roof line of the little birdhouse. A tissue paper garland is on the roof and rick rack goes around the bottom. A mulberry paper rose is set on the little perch and on top of the paper garland. I then added a double "skirt" of pink nylon tulle. So this is pretty much it except for a few very minor details also.

This is NOT the blog post to comment on for the 500th post giveaway. I'll let you know very clearly when that is posted. This post here is my 511th. But I'm so astounded that I've posted this many that I need to celebrate. Oooooh, and chocolate truffles will be accepted graciously! Thank you very MUCH!!! :-)

Back is a lovely roses fabric also. But one of the requirements for the valentine swap is that the item has to have hearts on it so this meets those requirements. I put more roses on it than anything though so it'll make a "statement" whatever time of year it is when placed in your home.

Side is a red and white check.

Even prettier in real life, chicks! Promise.........
Clicking to enlarge gives you a much better view also. ;-)

Sooooo it could be Deb's or it could be one of you who takes this home, my sweet cherubs. I'll post as soon as I hear from Deb..........