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Monday, December 21, 2009

An Interesting Day and a Little Known Fact...

Being home alone today while the hubs was out running his trains down at his model RR club, I was crafting most of the day. Well, crafting, photograhing and pre-scheduling blog posts and surfing blogs while sitting here and receiving emails from bloggers. I noticed one blogger was having a birthday—yeah, right at the Christmas season; ain't that th' pits!—and I stopped to wish her a happy birthday. Then after a few emails I asked her if she'd like to see what I was doing today and I don't think she understood. It turned into a bit of a laugh for me because I started thinking about how pathetic we are when we sit at the computer most of the day communicating with people across the U.S. we've never met and probably never will. I had to chuckle when most of the women I know best are in my computer—either on the blogs or my eBay group. I do have a very good real friend but she moved an hour away about 4 years ago but we talk daily about our lives, children and our spirituality and how it's going and what we should do to be better women of faith. So to all of you who are finding that most of your better relationships are in the computer, let's hear it for the man who started the internet: J.C.R. Licklider, who came up with the idea in the early 60s and Lawrence Roberts, who was the first man to send a communication in 1965—over dial up. Yes, it's only that old, chicks.

Ooooh, yeah, almost forgot. I made this new tree topper today for our tree. You will never, ever see a blog post from me without some form of "eye candy"! :-)

I did actually switch it out myself with the other one. Hubs will be proud of me for not asking him to do it! ;-)