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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another Woman's House

I've decided I'm going to participate in Courtney's FNF so click to go see her blog.

I had a friend many years ago whose in-laws built a home for her and her hubby, their son. I knew it wasn't a good situation because my mom was always giving me something—a credenza, table, etc. but there were always "strings" attached to it. Now, my "gifts" weren't as big as a house but I could see the handwriting on that wall for sure.

The house was built but it was never her home. The in-laws were always visiting and making recommendations to the "woman" of the house. The recommendations were just the start. The mother-in-law almost demanded total control of the house.

In my situation, I gave back every single thing my mom gave me. It just wasn't worth it. It was never mine. She was shocked and a bit disappointed but I didn't want that on my back forever. When friends would visit while my mother was there, it was always, "I gave her this or that." That was my breaking point. Not that it mattered to me that they knew she had given it to me, I just was tired of her telling it to everyone.

So I'm guessing that the wife didn't feel that good about her husband not being able to take care of her and their family. He pretty much lazed around while she supported them. I don't know what became of that family but it wouldn't surprise me one bit that they didn't make it. A woman wants to know a hubby can take care of her through thick or thin. I know that about my hubby—without a doubt in the world. He has enough pride to want to see his family is provided for under any circumstances. A real man is one who has enough pride to provide for his family.

So now let's look at some gorgeous things.

Ummmm, did you say you liked red kitchens? Beautiful!

Sweet pillow and cushion.

A sweet retreat.

This is how cowgirls in Idaho have slumber parties!

Squeeeeeealllll!! Look at that darling toile table.

This room is probably bigger than my whole house! It looks to be a room off a lady's boudoir.

I'll have this at my party that I'll be doing soon. Fruit drinks in cute pitchers.

This is replica of Marie Antoinette's "playhouse."

Yes, indeed, I love this little dining area and the soft, ethereal pink of it.

A bucketful of posies...

A bed for your princess.

This entrance looks very similar to an apartment we once rented in San Diego.

It's the curtains that grabbed my attention in this photo. I love them puddling on the floor.

Can we say pink fuchsia?

For you lovers of architectural details.

A dream walkway into the woods.

If I could make one of these I would. Gorgeous!

I thought you'd like these vibrant colors.


Feeling uncomfortable is discovering you're the only one in yoga who eats meat. ;-)

Photos courtesy of tumblr and pinterest.