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Friday, May 21, 2010

What I Create

Join in the part of "What I Create" hosted by Andrea of Vintage Bella Studio today and visit all of the chicks who are showing their creations. I seriously doubt you'll be disappointed!

What do I create? What don't I create would be the better question. I love creating...anything. I see something and it will spark an idea in my head and I can't wait to get at it. But mainly, I create a beautiful home for me and my hubs, Love Bunny. I call him that because he's a retired Marine, and he is a love bunny. ;-)

Oh, and the reason these are all different sizes is that I took them at different times with different cameras through the years and since they have sold, I may not have the original article to photograph and do the wider width I'm doing now.

Birdhouses are absolutely my favorite thing to create. I've created several and sold or given them away as presents or giveaways. I use fabric mostly as that's the medium I love most—gorgeous romantic, shabby, chic, roses fabric.

This is a styrofoam form that I decorated with scads of tulle and it sits atop the urn on a plant shelf—see 3rd photo down. It is very froufrou, which is what I love creating most—froufrou.

This is a mosaic I made once with just a few of the pillows I've made and sold or have around my home.

This is just one of several lamps in my home I've redecorated. Some are garage sale finds. This one I bought a new lampshade and added embellishments to it.

This is the urn I made around the Christmas holidays last year with branches and all kinds of gifts I've received from my eBay group and bloggers.

This is my Christmas tree topper I made last year out of a wreath, roses, greenery, pearls and icy icicles stuck in there. When it's on the tree I stick roses on top of that on the tree. Beautiful effect!

I also love decoupaging plates with fabric. They are for show only. You cannot wash them once the fabric is on them, but you can wipe them clean.

Another birdhouse I sold. This was was covered with "icing" and mica flakes.

Birds adorn most of my birdhouses.

Aprons are another love I have. It relaxes me to create and sew them—most of the time, NOT when I receive special orders. ;-) I still have some for sale in my store. This one was a Kaffee Fassett fabric. They are stunningly gorgeous fabrics. Very vivid colors.

Another apron I made from a Cyrus Clark discontinued fabric. I still have a bit of this fabric left and I'm hoarding it! It's beautiful.

If you've read my blog for at least a year then you know how I feel about camping. I hate it! When hubs bought us a pop-up camper I made him promise me that I could froufrou it much as a pop-up camper could be. This goes in it when we set out for the wilds of Idaho. I made it.

I think this little one is still for sale on my shop. It is darling with all that netting.

This one I painted while just learning how to paint roses. I then put German glass glitter on it.

This went to our granddaughter's house for our great granddaughter who is due May 26th. I can't wait. It hangs from the ceiling in her bedroom.

Little cones I've made to hang on trees.

I had to make this for my front door. I told you it's a girly house!!!

These I did for a giveaway and just love them. After I did them I was sorry I gave them away. I still have fabric to make more just like these though. As I said, fabric is my favorite medium.

I love making these cuffs also. They soothe me and are quick to whip up for gifts. This one is not for sale. I made it for ME and intend to keep it. When I wear it to church, ladies gawk at it and ask where I got it.

A hostess apron made for special occasions. It sold quickly.

Baby bibs and booties are also fun to make when expecting a great granddaughter. This one is already in Miss "A's" house. We don't know her name yet so we just call her Miss "A".

And this one is probably my favorite of all I've ever made.

I created this little painting as I was trying to learn how to paint roses. I'm terrible when it comes to rose painting but it's a passion so I struggle through it every few months to see how much better I can be.

I could sit and make these for hours...days actually. They are what calms me more than anything. Coffee filter roses.

Again, shoes for Miss "A".

Ribbon roses are also a mindless thing for me. Just sit and twist. Very calming.

I just started pinning fabric to this form and voilĂ , I had a Marie Antoinette type doll for my family room coffee table.