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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Toilet Talk for Pink Saturday 9/18/2010

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I'm visiting with our new great granddaughter out of town so this is a quick post. There is nothing pink, except for my great granddaughter, in this house and I think you're tired of seeing her about now so I'm winging it here.

Can we talk, chicks? Yeah, I'm serious here! We've had "issues" with toilets around this house for a long time.

I want a new toilet. Now, I know that isn't on the list of high priorities for most of you but it is for me. I want one of those new toilets with Class 6 flushing technology, Ever-clean technology because I don't want to clean it hardly ever, and one that will flush 10 golf balls at one time. Now, Love Bunny asks if I'm going to actually flush 10 golf balls down one, but I want one that COULD do it if it is required of it. I'm downright tired of plunging our toilets. I want it to flush anything I want to flush down it. (I doubt that I'll ever use golf balls but one never knows, does one?!) Cleaning? Look, girls, we all know how much we love to clean toilets, right? Right up there with giving ourselves eye surgery without anesthetics. This new ion-coated toilet technology guarantees much less cleaning. Some even have "under rim cleaning technology." I want it with round seat, white—I've had colored toilets before and decided I'd just buy white from now on—and the other things I've mentioned above.

But I did have to show you this toilet. WOW!!! I never thought I'd see a pink fuchsia sequined toilet in my life. Puhleeeeze!! Little too glitzy for me.