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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What I've Been Doing Lately 11/5/2013

BTW, this post right here is my 1,400th post. Can I hear a round of applause or a hoorah or something equally cheery?! Hmmmm. Let's hear it, now!

This is the Posh girl or Fancy Nancy, better known around her as my great-granddaughter, Miss C. She is intrigued by the Fancy Nancy books and her mom (my granddaughter) and my daughter, (whose name is Nancy and Miss C calls her Fancy Nancy) are ordering them for her. I'll be doing the same so we have to coordinate as to not duplicate them. She is never without a book. That's her favorite "accessory" as her mom puts it. She also says the most amazing things trying to be like Fancy Nancy. (I highly recommend these books for young girls. They are adorable!) Also the books called Anna Hibiscus about a young girl in Africa are her favorite books and her mom highly recommends them also. She asks many questions about that continent now. This photo is Miss C going to her school. It's a kind of expensive school, actually a pre-school, but how many pre-schools have a chef! He prepares them wonderful snacks. Today she has so much Hello Kitty on—courtesy of her grandmother, my daughter—that she looks like an advertisement for Hello Kitty! :-) My daughter's RV is done completely in Hello Kitty and she's 51 years old! She's indulged by her hubby and she indulges Miss C. Sigh.

Okay, this is one of the things that has kept me so busy lately, besides maintaining my diet, running to doctor's appointments, and generally, just treating myself to a few shopping excursions for makeup. Can we ever have enough? I think not. ;-)

So this is one I made for me exclusively for in my family room. It has a pillow of stuffing I made underneath to give me more cushioning for my feet. I've photographed it here in our living room, but read on.

I also made this one, but it stays in the living room. I made these out of a drop cloth and it was really "on th' cheap"! I think we paid about $20 for the drop cloth and I got these two covers made with all the ruffles included. I then stenciled the letter "C" and the designs on the corners. The stool cover on the top also has the letter "C" on it also but that was after I took these photos.

I had to finish off all the edges of the fabric as canvas drop cloths are loosely woven and will start fraying in the wash, but all of this fabric was washed twice before I cut into it. BTW, it washes beautifully and I don't iron it afterwards. I like the looks of it that way. As I said, this has been washed a couple of times and I think it looks great. Decorating on th' cheap is my favorite way of doing things. I already had the little stools and they've been covered several times.

I moved my old sofa back into the living room as I absolutely love it more than the new one, which is now in our family room. I've had it for 18 years and the man who came to dry-clean it a few weeks ago said it looked brand new to him. Well, I take very good care of my things. But this Ethan Allen sofa really is my favorite of all times. I'll never part with it.

I think it goes well with the French chair I got from Ethan Allen a few months ago.

I used a Dusty Lilac craft paint for the stenciling as I love that color and it looked better than the pinks I tried on a scrap of the drop cloth.

Now, how about this darling caravan! Is this posh cute or what? If hubs had this kind of camper I think I'd be more enticed to go along with him.

I'm not fond of the colors of Fall. I detest orange and don't have it in my home. But I do love the coolness of the season. I like cold, or at least cool, climates. So why would I decide to live in the desert? Well, I feel a peace here I don't feel anywhere else in the world. I've lived in 3 deserts 4 times in my life and each time I felt "at home" there so this is where I'll spend the rest of my life. Hopefully.

Talk about a "posh" bathroom. Red walls and a fantastic chandelier certainly qualifies this one for posh status!

This one looks like something the old movie stars of the 40s and 50s would have. Also very posh. We're using that word a lot around here lately because of Miss C. (See above if you've forgotten.) ;-)

A craft room I could love. It would be pink though.

Another cute and all-in-one craft, sewing, computer room/office. I like this one a lot.

I like this room because of its cheerful yellow color. Plus it has a red rug to offset a lot of the yellow. Pink and yellow is my favorite color combo. I'd probably paint the walls pink  but keep the yellow chairs. I think they're adorable. But I had yellow walls once and didn't care for them as much as my pink walls now. Another time; another place. ;-)

If you knew how many times I read and re-read these posts before I hit the "Publish" finding mistakes, it would amaze you. I do the photos first and then add the remarks about each photo and then—usually—add the story when I put a story first in the blog. I read it over from Previewing it several times and each time I'll change it. It's a lot of work but I'm sure most of you do this also.
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