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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Working on da Roses!

I've just started on my 3rd rose. I can see the progress with each one. The 2nd one I painted white before I started forming it. That seemed to be much easier than painting it after making the flower. The 1st one is on the left and already painted, the middle one is the 2nd one with its first coat of white paint and the right one is just formed without the painting yet. I was so anxious to see how the 3rd one would come out I just cut the petals out and started on it. Instant gratification!! But I'll show you these when I get them painted and they look like real roses in the next couple of days. Gotta go to a picnic today. In this heat?!?! Yikes. Trust me, we will not stay long. Just go eat and run. Too danged hot. But after I have perfected Connie's paper rose I'll let you all see it. I think one will be all pink and one pink and red maybe. Never know how they will turn out!