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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rambling Today 3/25/14

I was thinking this past week about my all-time favorite movie. You know, the one you loved the most. Of course, I like action, thriller, murder, spy movies the best.

So in thinking about that I went out and rented the old Frank Sinatra movie, The Manchurian Candidate. I then watched on Amazon Instant Video the new one with Denzel Washington, one of my favorite actors. But I have to admit the Frank Sinatra one was the best. I liked it far more. A few months ago I watched Key Largo with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. It was just a bit weird watching those old movies and thinking how much movies have changed through the years. The old ones seemed amateurish with the scenery and all, but we loved those movies.

Okay, for my all-time favorite movie: Lonesome Dove. As I'm a book reader, several years ago I was reading the book and couldn't read it fast enough as it's a very thick book. I made a pot of soup for dinner that night, asked hubby to go rent the movie and watched it for 6 hours! I didn't realize it until this week that it was a television series. Truly! Now, since we don't have a television, I have to watch on one of my computers, but that was fine with me. I may rent Lonesome Dove again from Amazon and watch it. That was an American epic movie. If you haven't seen it, rent it and watch it. It's so worth it.

I recently had a bout of acute bronchitis. Never have had it before but it got me down so badly I'm still recuperating from it. All I wanted to eat was ice cream and french fries. Bless my hubby's heart, he made so many trips to WM for ice cream and Jack In The Box for fries. My idea of a balanced diet for 2 weeks was Tillamook's Mud Slide ice cream or Blue Bunny's Bunny Tracks. With a little french fries thrown in for...well, just because I love them. I wanted comfort food and I truly got it!

And one other thing. My pinterest boards have over 14,100 photos with over 25,500 followers. Just so you know, there are nothing but beautiful, "eye candy" images on there. Go visit it. I promise you won't regret it. Just beautiful images.

Could you ask for a cuter kitchen than this tiny, efficient one? I find it vastly appealing.

I think this little flower shop is adorable. You can find many flower shops but this one has an old world appeal to it.

One of my favorite breakfasts is pancakes with maple syrup. Or pie. Or muffins. I'm not keen on cereal or eggs but I love sausage and bacon.

A vase of fragrant flowers in lavender.

Squeeeeal!! Be still my heart. A train car with a piano. I can't wait for our train trip in 2016.

A darling vintage medicine cabinet if you're lucky enough to find one like it.

Yes, I love this sofa, but I'd probably not buy it. I'd have the chairs patterned with a plain sofa in this style though.

And I really like this little area for a sun room.

Love the chair and these lovely pillows.

This looks like a candy shop to me, all pink and black.

Lovely setting for an outdoor party. The chair covers are what drew me in here.

I'm not averse to blue rooms; I just like pink ones better. This one is beautiful though.

Pink and yellow roses with beautiful china ware.

Another darling setting perhaps for tea with a friend.

I love everything about this room: sofa, chairs, tables, big windows and beautiful fireplace.
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