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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another Travel Story

As I stated in a recent post, my son was in Scotland golfing while his son was in Europe seeing the sights of several countries. Son's girlfriend just graduated University and wanted to see the sites of places she would be teaching about: arts and sciences. Grandson went along to protect her and keep her company.

One country, which is known pretty much for its snobbishness, lived up to their expectations. They would ask for directions and knowing these people speak English, as most European countries do, they refused to answer in English. The only people who would help them were other tourists. It left a stain on their reputation along with many other stains. And truthfully, they don't come any kinder or sweeter than my grandson or his girlfriend.

When grandson's girlfriend—let's call her Miss S—went into a restaurant to order a sandwich to go, the waitress put it in a paper bag, Miss S reached for some napkins on the counter and almost got her hand smacked, and did get a finger wagged in her face. Rude beyond words! She was told not to touch anything on the counter, in English this time.

Now, I can speak a bit of other languages to get me around a country just a bit, but truthfully, most of the countries I've been to have been kind and gracious. But that's pretty much on this side of the world. The other side? Not so much. But I at least can tell them to speak slowly so I can get directions, but truthfully I've never been treated shabbily by any country I've visited.

Our daughter had a similar experience with some travelers on an airplane coming back from the Mediterranean 3 years ago. Same country, same obnoxiousness. Loud, rude and overbearing. Refusing to be considerate of other passengers. We experienced that once with some Austrian students on our plane. Totally obnoxious.

So my advice to anyone is to not think those countries we lust to visit are sweet, kind, friendly and willing to accept Americans. They are NOT! That's one of the reasons I refuse to travel abroad anymore.

Isn't this one of those kind of houses that you'd see in Connecticut or Rhode Island? I lived in Newport, R.I. for a very short time when I was very young.

A gorgeous Spanish-style home. Lovin' all those windows.

These are all items from Green Gate in Denmark. I'd love to have some but I truly don't need any more plates.

These little tins are a favorite of mine also. I'll check and see how much they are. I can always use more storage things.

They have aprons, sheets, fabric, towels and storage things in the most gorgeous prints and colors.

Another example of their wares. Aren't they scrumptious?

Pretty fabrics in lovely prints.

They even have soaps and lotions.

And pretty ribbons.

And buckets!

A wonderful secluded area for a private luncheon.

Isn't this patio beautiful with the fabric curtains blowing in the breeze? And even a canopy of canvas to temper the midday sun.

Another quiet area to lull around on lazy summer afternoons.

A simple clean bath area in blue, pink, green and yellow. Well done!

A cute way to show off your garden roses in Mason jars on a rustic vintage bench.