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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cotton Sheets

I wrote this post when I was new to blogging so most people, if you're like me, never go back and read the older ones so I thought I'd post it again. It's still applicable and I thought certainly worthy of being repeated.

Something I thought of today while toweling off from my shower is freshly scented towels. My granddaughter asked me a couple of years ago what kind of laundry detergent and fabric softener I used. I asked her why and she said, "Because your sheets and towels always smell so good." What a compliment!! She noticed!! And I did tell her. But I have always been sensitive to smells - in the good way, not the allergic way. I love lovely scents. I have so many perfumes I'd never have to purchase another bottle in my lifetime. But today my towel smelled of a new fragrance I bought recently. A perfume. I must have placed the towel to my neck when I had just sprayed it on. It smelled wonderful. So what I'm going to do is just very lightly spray a tiny fine mist from a favorite perfume onto my towels from time to time. It'll keep the linen closet smelling fragrant and being ever so lightly sprayed I'll smell that scent when I'm toweling off. My "scents" from perfumes are in my clothes so why not have them on my towels. Just light fragrances, nothing "overpowering" is good.

That's the end of that post but I thought of something else. The same can be said for sheets also. Spray lightly.

I mostly buy 100% cotton sheets with a decent thread count - not 600 but maybe 300 for everyday unless I get a good deal on them somewhere.

I had a friend several years ago that started buying cotton sheets because I had told her how sensual they are to the body. She bought some and then washed them and called me to ask how I got the wrinkles out. I said I ironed the top sheet but the bottom one stretched out when put on the mattress. I thought she was going to faint! She said she didn't intend to iron sheets. So she threw them out! I about died because I would have taken them in a heart beat. Anyway, as I age I don't iron them anymore. I simply have come to love the wrinkles! See these that I just took out of the dryer and am folding. I think they're beautiful. But then I find beauty and joy in very simple things. ;-) I truly do!!!