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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gorgeous "Dream" Homes #2 and Tidbits


My home always smells good. I love coming home, walking into my house and sniffing its fragrance. Notice that the next time you come home. If it's not a nice smell, then get busy and make it happen.

I don't doubt much about my life. To doubt is to be defeated before the enemy has thrown a first punch. Do not accept defeat before you try.

Have you noticed that lottery winners almost always say they're going to buy a new house, new car or go on a vacation? Top 3 answers I'd bet. Haven't they heard about saving money?! That's always stymied me. I don't play the lottery or any sweepstakes offered at my local stores. I'm happy with what I have. What would I possibly do with a million or more dollars? My car runs fine. I have a house sufficient for my needs. My kids are both financially set for life. It wouldn't change my life one bit. I'm still not going to fly anywhere to visit exotic places. (Hmmm, reminds me of a story. Later I'll tell you.)

I've heard Yellowstone doesn't allow tent camping now. Because. Of. The. Bears! I'd say that pretty much does it for me. We have a pop-up tent camper. It's going nowhere near Yellowstone! I don't even care if this is true or not. If there is even a possibility of a bear, I ain't goin'!

A lot of blogger change their headers frequently; I'm not one of them. I've had the same header logo just about from the beginning. I like instant recognition. I don't change with the seasons even. When some bloggers change and I first go there, I'm not sure I'm in the right place until I check it out. I'm a creature of habit, I suppose.

 When I view a news clip or video on the internet (which is not often at all, just on occasion) I've noticed the women always brushing their hair back behind their ears with their fingers trying to get it out of their eyes—a LOT. Most distracting. Why don't they secure it in such a way that they're not always fiddling with it. Sheeesh, now even some guys do it. (Rolling my eyes!) My hair is short but let me tell ya, it wouldn't move in a hurricane with the hairspray I use! ;-)

Okay, enough tidbits. On to the eye candy!

I love symmetry in my home and, actually, my life. This house is a gorgeous example of symmetry in a home.

Underground houses. While I’m sure they’re cozy and energy efficient, I don’t think I could live underground like that. I’d want windows in every room. It is a delightful setting however.

I thought I’d show you some more lamps and these are so cute for a bedroom.

I love the base of this lamp, but I’d put on a different shade.

Oooooh, sigh… I love this chair, pillow and feathers in a jar (giving me an idea).

My blogging buddy, Claudia, would love this vignette. She adores blue.

Interrupting with a bit of real “eye candy” here! ;-)

A beautiful way to wrap a gift or just old books to display around your home.

Another beautiful home.

And yet another one in the woods. This looks huge—too much to clean for me—and symmetrical.

A stunner up in the mountains somewhere. Could be near us here, perhaps Sun Valley.

Another beautiful lamp in coral. I wouldn’t even change the shade on this one. Gorgeous.

Hanging acorn lamps. They are adorable, unique and I can see them in a Craftsman-style home.

Four different beautiful lace lamps.

Just some more eye candy in the way of a darling office to leave you with today.
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