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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Grandmas Living Room, Trellis & Luncheon

These are 3 more of some favorites of mine by Susan Rios. One is set for a luncheon or tea with white wicker and a lovely setting with Olivia on it - the name of Susan's daughter.

The trellis one is the very first picture I saw of Susan's in Victoria magazine in the middle 1980s. I fell in love with her paintings then.

The top picture of the maroon horsehair sofa with linen pillows and antimacassars on the arms of the chair. Just reminds most of us of our grandmother's house.

Sigh, softer times. More photos will follow in the next few days.

Picnic and Bedroom Setting by Susan Rios

I'll share more of Susan's gorgeous tranquil settings in her paintings. The first one is a picnic setting we'd all love to be in. Just a tranquil luncheon by a babbling brook.

The second picture is a lacy bedroom with a bridal bouquet on the bed. The shoes are rumored to be Susan's wedding shoes when she married.

These are just the epitome of lacy, feminine, calm and beautiful things most women adore.