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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rambling 11/25/2012

Once in a while I'll see photos on the internet when a "celebrity" has something to say they always flash the peace sign or say Peace. That's becoming a bit old in my opinion. I lived in the San Francisco area during the 70s and I have to say I don't think I'd like to repeat that era. Get a grip, people, just say nice things like: thank you, good-bye, nice to see you or something more appropriate. You all look like fools to those of us in the real world who lived through it. Also, saying "super" or "cooool/kewel" is ridiculous, especially coming from the older generation. Use proper grammar, people!

I read a news article a few weeks ago that said the military has become "less sexist, homophobic and racist". Having had many friends in the military, I do have to say hubs' told me he didn't particularly want to shower with women. He's such a sexist. ;-) I agreed with that one! We also had friends in the military who were different races and they never, ever were treated any differently by us than anyone else. Where do some of these people get these ideas? They are not the norm. When you're in the military, you watch out for each other. I'm sick of hearing that. There was a man who drove my hubby to work every single day when we first moved to Oceanside, Ca., and he didn't take a penny from us. We were poor and I was pregnant. My hubby loved that man and still mentions him in reverence because he was so kind. I've never, ever seen my husband denigrate another race of people. Never!

Is there anyone out there that is as sick of the sign "Live, Love and Laugh" as I am? Give it a break people. I don't need a sign to tell me that. I do it automatically.

Our great granddaughter is now almost 3 years old. She's a pistol, let me tell you! A few weeks ago she stopped her daycare class with her dancing. She told everyone to watch her dance—gangnam-style. The class next door even came over to watch her when they heard the laughter. She created quite a stir. I think she's going to be a ham. Everyone actually DID stop to watch her. My granddaughter and I laughed ourselves silly over that one. I think she's liking being the center of attention. When the new baby arrives, it's gonna be a shock to her! :-)

Where has niceness and decency gone? I believe this last election campaign was the smuttiest I've ever seen in my entire life. Ooooh, I can hardly wait for the next one.

Just a beautiful living room.

Aaaahhhhh, what a beautiful entry.

Pretty way to display roses.

Cozy reading nook.

Quaint patio area.

Darling little birdcage or terrarium.

Another bedroom with unusual, but gorgeous, colors.

Cute gift tags to make.

Another lovely living room. Love that the homeowner has blankets or throws strewn around. I do that in my family room and living room also for the comfort of my guests as I like a cool house and sometimes they get cold sitting here.

Beautiful vignette.

More delightful colors!

This has to be in another country. Small, efficient and cute!

I like how the canopy over the bed isn't the traditional kind.

Oh, for a chandelier in my kitchen. Just isn't feasible though according to Love Bunny. We'll see. ;-)

Love this patio. Stunning.