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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Can We Talk? And a Tag or Two....

When we go on vacation we will watch television at the kids' houses and this time I saw a commercial that really struck me. Okay, okay, just listen now and give an old lady a chance, will ya?!?!

It was about some "green bags." Yep, Debbie Meyers bags. Now, this might not be a revelation to you chicks, but it was to me! I'd never ever heard of them before since we don't watch tv. Anyway, I got on my laptop and immediately ordered some and they came about 3 weeks ago. Wellll, let me tell you, they are really something!!

When hubs is away I don't cook. Usually just eat salad or microwave something easy. So tonight I went to Burger King, got a salad, brought it home and threw some tomatoes we've had for about 3 weeks on top. You'll see them on the salad below - the grape tomatoes. They are great, haven't shriveled up at all and truly, they are at least 2 weeks old. I love those green bags. They truly do work. I had some strawberries in them and they kept lots fresher for a long time. I saw in WM the other day that they carry them. So run out and get some! Trust me, they work and are WORTH it so save on fresh veggies and fruit!

Below is a cuke I just put in one. The grape tomatoes have been in the bag for about 5 days and still no deterioration at all.

Also The Polka Dot Rose has tagged me for 7 things you don't know about me. Now that's hard because I've pretty much laid it on the line on this blog but I guess I still have some "mystique" about me to come up with something.

Against all the things your mom and dad tell you to never ever do, I did. I accepted a ride with a stranger once at about age 10 or 11. Nuuuuuuu, nothing happened. We lived in Texas and it was a long walk to school and a couple offered me a ride one day. A husband and wife and it was hot and rainy so I accepted. They took me to school and it was fine but it's one of those rules your parents throw at ya 5 minutes outta the womb. I still remember it, so on some level it must have "traumatized" me!! I was perfectly fine though.

I swam in a bayou once in Texas or Louisiana; we were close to border so don't know which state we were in on that outing. After I got in the friends and their parents told me it had alligators. You never saw anybody get out of a body of water so fast in your life! Never again did I swim with those people. OR go with those people!

I absolutely hate balancing my checkbook. Hate it but I do it every 3 or 4 months. I don't worry about the money because I check my account on line frequently; it's just the actual procedure of it that I hate. My son is like me; my daughter ISN'T........

I lost the back of my bathing suit once in a pool. I was about 12 or 13 and had a new suit with ruffles on the bum. They ripped off and I didn't know it until a sailor (it was a pool on a military base) came up to me and told me. I was mortified and it took several days before I went back. My glorious naked b*tt was in full view for all those guys to see for a while! Now they'd probably go eeeewwwwwwww and run the other way!

I love public speaking. It doesn't bother me one bit. I'd rather do that than fly in a plane, which I refuse to do anymore anyway!

I love going to the dentist. Most people go every 6 months for cleaning and checkups for regular maintenance. I go every 4 months because I can't stand them not feeling clean. I also never have bad breath. I have no clue why, but my granddaughter told me my breath is always like a baby's breath. Of course, she may not have been near me after a chunk of extra sharp cheddar cheese!

I hate wearing shoes! I'd rather be barefoot in the house so that's why I'm compulsive about clean floors. And that's also why I am always crunching my toes on a piece of furniture!

Now I'm supposed to tag 7 people to do the same. I'm tagging you chicks who have Roses in your blog name. Youuuuu know who you are, sweets, so fess up and do it. I think you need to link back to me, so do that also. ;-)

The other award is Best Friends Forever Awardy. Shirl and Alaura gave me this one.
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I'm nominating Katie, Rhea, Vickie, Ele and Fitty.