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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Changing the Craft Room Again

While trying to cut out the fabric for the aprons recently I realized I need more room in the sewing craft room. Love Bunny was not happy with my decision because that meant he had to take out another shelf in the dining area and drag that vintage desk out there. That's what he's FOR!! DUH.

While doing this I also decided to straighten the fabric again. I seem to have to do this every six months or so. Sigh... I have fabric I'll probably never use unless I open an apron shop and start making them to sell. I really don't want to do that but it may become a necessity since I'm making so many lately. I enjoy it and I only do what I enjoy now. I'm an ol' lady, ya know. ;-)

So since I'm not going to be refinishing this desk any time soon I decided to cover it with a vintage wilendur tablecloth. So this is how it will remain for a while. I really like the desk near the kitchen in that little part of the dining area.

Looking good so far, chicks.

But during that time I decided I wanted another mouse pad. One that was shabby chic with roses on it. I found the perfect ones on eBay and the woman was here in my town! Now, let me tell you there aren't too many women in the state of Idaho who are into shabby chic! Trust me. She definitely agreed with me. This woman came over after her day job and delivered it to me because she wanted to see my home. I was thrilled to show it to her and as she said (and I've always told you) it looks even better in person. She just moved into a new rental house and it is freshly painted yellow. Now, she's also a pink person and wants to repaint it again if they allow her. She is having a very rough time with the yellow walls throughout the whole house. I would too!! She's a shabby chic aficionado also and told me about a place in Eagle (near to me) and I plan on going over there some day soon. I'll keep you briefed on it when I do make it over...with my camera, of course.

Anyway, I needed 2 mouse pads - one for my desktop and one for my laptop. Are these not cute?!?!?! Squeeeeeeeal. So if you want to visit with her and buy some adorable mouse pads for your desk, check Lisa out on eBay or Etsy and tell her Connie sent you over. ;-)