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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pink and Pretty High Heel Shoes

Just some more eye candy while we're vacationing back in California. I plan on adapting some of the "toes" of these shoes into clip-ons for some of my shoes.

Now, who in the world would have pink skulls on their feet??! Pretty shoes, but SKULLS?!?! *Sigh*.............

Lime and salmon? Pretty though.

I'll make some clips out of fabric to imitate these shoes here. If I had access to pink leather I'd do it out of leather but where in the world would I find it?

I think these are my favorite pair. I hope I can make the clips out of nylon tulle and paper flowers. I have a lot of paper flowers!

Looooove the color of these shoes.

Yessssss, I would wear these if the heel wasn't so high. Beautiful I think.

Sassy, aren't they?! *Wink*

I also like the color of these magenta shoes.

I've already made a ribbon clip-on like this but it's ribbon and not leather.

One of my favorite color combinations is fuchsia pink and red together. I have a bright red dress and a purple jacket I wear together and it stops traffic, let me tell you! Not ME, the colors!! LOL

I thought these were pretty and very unique. What say you, chicks????!!!!!