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Friday, April 6, 2012

My Journey in Decorating for Pink Saturday 4/7/2012

Today is another Pink Saturday so click on over to Beverly's blog for all the participants of this wonderful meme.

In the 1980s I was working for one of the very top Fortune 500 companies, highest paid woman, and loving it. Great company, great people who were very supportive, just a great job and, as I said, just absolutely loved doing what I did. I had found my niche in the working world.

I also loved being home and decorating my home.

When we got married we got hand-me-downs from my parents. They were going to move just after we married so they gave us a living room sofa, chair, lamps, tables, a dinette set, two beds and a dresser. It wasn't very elegant but it was very nice furniture and since it came from my parents I knew it was clean and good quality.

Our next furniture, or actually the first furniture we purchased, was a beautiful sofa and chair that was what I called Mexican Colonial. Our neighbors loved it. It was very unique and gorgeous. When we next bought new furniture, it was green avocado velvet but it was in vogue then. I cringe when I think about it now. In the 80s that sofa was recovered in a burgundy fabric. It lasted us several years.

Also in the eighties I discovered crafting. My hubby was thrilled that I had found a hobby since I worked. I didn't feel deprived at all but a whole new world opened up to me with crafting. And that also changed the way I decorated my home.

I then started stenciling my walls. My living room walls I stenciled with a beautiful and intricate design of flowers. Some of my stencils were very pricey, in the eighty dollar range. And if you have any doubts about what I'm telling you, look below at these gorgeous stencils that she sells on her website. Her name is Jan Dressler. I bought stencils from her back in the 80s. She is absolutely the best stencil designer I'm ever, ever seen. Her work is outstanding as seen below on two of her stencils. Going to her website is a visual treat on what you can do with rooms in your home. Do not doubt me on this one. I'm an excellent stenciler and my walls were gorgeous with her stencils. When I was stenciling I was in a world of my own. I loved doing it, and
I would still be stenciling if my body allowed it. It isn't the arms or shoulders that get tired; it's the standing on the ladder in hiking boots that started to kill me. (How in the world have I got off topic here?!)

Anyway, I had changed from the fifties furniture of my parents to Mexican Colonial to (shudder) seventies avocado—and with it all the horrid visuals that style brings to mind—to Country in the eighties. I loved Country at that time. But then I discovered formal elegance and that struck me as nothing else could. This is my all-time favorite room. I love this room, absolutely adore this room. I've counted eleven different fabrics in this room. If I could duplicate it, I would absolutely do it.

But then in the late nineties and into this new century I found romantic and shabby chic. I love that decorating style just about as much as I love that room above. While I prefer a more formal living room, the rest of my house definitely leans more to the shabby chic/romantic style. And that's where it will probably remain for the rest of my life. I don't want an all white room as I love color, especially pink, too much to be void of it in a room. I have yet to see a living room I would choose over the one above.

This is a sweet living room. I don't find wicker especially comfortable though, and comfort is the highest consideration along with being beautiful.

I'm so tired of talking (writing) at this point that I'm not going to say much about the photos. Just enjoy the eye candy I've provided for you.

I do love viewing rooms through a pulled back curtain though. The entrance to my family room is like this.

I have lace on every single window in my home.

A gorgeous way to display lace.

This scene reminds me of a story I'll be sharing with you soon.

Hubby and I have been to these Cliffs of Moher. It is a breathtaking view. You actually look down on the birds flying.

I have debated showing this photo because it almost looks funereal, but it just has a haunting quality about it. I prefer to think of it as ethereal though.

The word crisp sounds just like it means.
Photos courtesy of tumblr and pinterest