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Monday, May 16, 2011

Ramblings Today 5/16/2011

Today I went out into the yard. Now, this doesn't sound like a big deal to most of you but it was to me. Love Bunny isn't here. He's been gone to northern Idaho for 4 days. Okay, so he left me alone without being able to drive, a boot on my foot and not being able to walk well, but that was okay. He knows I'm a strong and resilient woman. And that's what I want to talk about today...among other things. ;-)

This is a gurgling fountain in our front yard. With a webcam out there I can hear the wind chimes and the gurgle on the fountain. (The cam is video and audio and allows me to see who is on our porch without answering the door.) I love the tinkling of the chimes.

I was practicing closeups on my camera once again. I realize you may get tired of hearing this, but practice is the only thing that makes perfect. I am not perfect with the camera yet, adequate perhaps, but far from perfect so I need the practice.

While schlepping around the roses, I stepped into a depression with the booted foot and it hurt. Will I never learn?! Our lawn is lush and deep green because we have a local lawn care man come 4 or 5 times a year to spray and it is well worth it. People are always asking how hubs keeps it so green and lush. For one thing, he doesn't mow short; he mows long. That helps keep the grass green. So we sink into it when walking in that grass. Roses aren't budding yet as we had a late frost. But soon, very soon!

We have islands on the entrance into our sub-division and each street. This is our view.

This sycamore tree was very high and dying at the top. Hubs cut it back last year, and it's grown several feet back this year.

This cute little sign is what I see while on the potty. (Is that too much information for ya, chicks?) ;-) I had to straddle the toilet to get this pix of it. I think I got it at TJMaxx for a song but I think the 2 I got are adorable. The other one is below this one and is what is over our garden tub in our master bath.


Now, let's talk about an incident that took place a few days ago.

A sweet young mother I know offered to pick up an Oriental Chicken Salad for me from Applebee's (Hubs might be gone, but that in no way means he can't buy me dinner even if it was take-out) and stopped in to chat while delivering it. She was in some distress since a client had taken advantage of her. She's a professional and I've told her she needs to raise her rates but she was hesitant to do it since she's only been doing her job for a few years. I've seen her work and it is outstanding. I pumped her up with a pep talk about being assertive. While taking a class in her profession recently, she was told the very same thing. She's timid but I'm determined to help her become assertive! She knows she doesn't charge enough for her skills, but people still take advantage of her and, as with a lot of women especially, she's afraid of losing business by being firm and not getting referrals. I came a bit unglued with her. I see her timidity—something of which I'd never, ever be accused—and get a bit frustrated with her for not standing up for herself when I see so much potential for her. She just needs some confidence in herself.

I told her to do an exercise while going through the grocery store. Look at the women. Some are quite clearly "victims" and others possess a "self-confidence" just in the way they walk, look and shop. I think all of you know what I mean. Now, don't get me wrong. One can be nice while being assertive. One piece of advice I gave her was to put on a "steel magnolia smile" and by that I mean show confidence in her ability with a smile if that is all she can manage at the moment. Show the client the contract, explain it to them, highlight certain things if need be and tell them very firmly those are her terms. Show confidence in her voice, her face, her demeanor. I believe a lot of women need to learn how to be assertive while still maintaining their femininity. That's very important. We are women and we don't want to be men. I want my man to take care of me—and he does, but I also want to be able to take care of my man and myself should the need arise. We need men. And we need to be confident in our abilities as women and the keeper of the home.

Off my soap box for now. ;-)