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Monday, August 30, 2010


I'm doing something just a tad different in our family room entrance so I brought a mosaic from the entrance to the family room to the entrance to the house. Ever changing, as I've said before.

I had to show you the hydrangeas and roses once more. I thought they had finished blooming but not so. They were planted a couple of years ago and didn't really take off well until this year. Each year they keep getting bigger and bigger like those we had in California. They struggle but I do believe they'll bloom in abundance in the next couple of years. Isn't this bloom gorgeous?

This one on the other side of the plant is withering slowly—playing out its existence for the year.

See how much thicker it's getting.

Again, the opposite side is dying its natural death.

And the roses. I didn't think this bush had that much left in it after Love Bunny's severe pruning thinking that the season was over for it, but I was wrong. (Yeah, let LB know I was wrong! He'd croak for sure.) :-)

Another bush has burst forth in all its glory also. We are truly blessed this year with roses.

And the hostas and day lily are flowering also.

Would you just look at how wonderful God is to bless us so abundantly with this marvelous garden area.