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Friday, October 24, 2008

When You Whine.......... and Some Awards

This is what you get when you whine!! LOL I do not recommend this and am absolutely NOT a whiner. Truly, I am not. I jokingly "whined" about not winning Jan's blog giveaway and she told me she had a prize for the "first whiner." That was MEEEEEEE! Sooooo it did pay to "whine" just this once!!! Ya whine, ya win?!?!? :-)

A beautiful book, a darling card in the shape of high heels.....squeeeeeeeal....a box of tea bags, a snippet of needles in a darling card, a bar of lemon verbena soap that smells wonderful, a tabletop picture frame and a little photograph book.

The Kreative Blogger Award from Erin at Old Grain Sacks and Lavender. Thank you, sweetpea.

I am to list 6 things I value and 6 things I do not value. I then pass it on.


God and my religion and living forever as a family unit

Husband and children



Righteousness -
I'm sadly not a perfect person but I'm striving every minute of the day

Art and technology

Do not value:

People who do not value human life


Children who have not been taught manners

People who bash my country - the greatest country on this earth

Intellectual snobbery

Orange - this color just sets me off. I'm not fond of halloween for this reason - too much orange. It just does something to my brain. Certain colors can affect people this way. But it's almost like sending this feeble brain of mine into overload!

Now, I think I want as many people who see this to respond. There are over 120 bloggers on my Google Reader and I'd like to know more about them. I could not possibly list them all here unless I wanted to sit here for hours and trust me, that just ain't happenin', chickees!! ;-) Soooo if you read this please take the time to go to your blog, do this and then email me and let me know so I can read it. I'm sure we all share some similarities and diverseness on these issues and would like to read about yours. So please feel free to respond on your own blog.

Another award from Cindy of Cottageremnant. I am to list 7 things about myself. Don't you chicks know enough about me already?!?! I'm boooooring!!! Lead a quiet life in the burbs with Love BunnnNNNNnnnyyYYYY. Okay, let's give it a try.........

I was a heathen until about 16 years ago when I had a spiritual conversion that rocked me to my core. Yep, it does happen even to people from San Francisco Bay area of Calif. Total 180° turn around from our old lifestyle.

I love coloring in books but don't do it as often as I'd like. I just love the sereneness of it.

I would eat out 5 nights a week if hubby would. I detest cooking meals any more. Seniors should get at break at age 55 and not have to cook at all. I'm sure the government would provide each of us with chefs if we just asked! Of course, that might mean an increase in taxes but hey, what's money, right?!?!?! Sheeeeesh....

I once worked in a burger joint flipping burgers at a young age and never got a tip! Well, maybe one, but it was only once. I worked that job for only a few months though. Maybe that's why I hate cooking meals so much in my older years. No recognition for a job well done.

I've never drunk coffee. Tasted it once as a teenager and hated it. Love the smell but can't stand the beverage. Coffee ice cream mixed with chocolate ice cream is another story, however..... Yummmmmmm

I love the Christmas season but hubs and I don't do the commercial thing anymore at all. We just refuse to get caught up in that. I do, however, get my daughter a box or Good and Plentys for her if she comes to visit on Christmas. She does all the cleaning up for that box of G&P! Well, worth the 59¢ I spend.

When hubby was in Okinawa for 13 months during the 60s we communicated via ham radio operators over the phone. Have you ever had to tell your hubs "I love you, roger, over and out" with 2 other men listening when speaking to him?!?! Very embarrassing. Ooooh, nuuuuuu, my truly embarrassing moment was one of those private things that happen and you can never ever tell anyone about it! Know what I mean.... Nuuuuu, don't even ask! It'll never leave my lips... ;-)

So now if you're reading this then please consider your call to tell 7 ridiculously private things about yourself and let me know so I can read it. Truly, I'd love to see everyone who can respond.

This Marie Antoinette award comes from Cathy of Treasured Heirlooms. She is one of the absolutely sweetest chicks in blogland. I adore reading her blog and visiting her eye candy on her website. Truly a creative person. She also has a pink house which is definitely my kinda place!! Hah..... But she is a kind and considerate person. And I thank her profusely for giving me this award! Smoooch, kiss-kiss!! ;-)
Now for 7 bloggers to receive this award I'll name

1. Natasha Burns
2. Fitty's Pinky Rose Cottage
3. Shannon Thompson
4. Sweet Cottage Dreams
5. Somewhere In Time
6. Rose Colored Glasses
7. Rose of Sharon

I do so enjoy these women. I enjoy many more also but these were selected this time.

Don't you just love this white and blue bedroom? I do!!!!