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Monday, June 18, 2012

An Old Friend

The other day I was sitting in my family room reading a delightful book called Empire of Gold by Andy McDermott (the first book I've read by him, certainly not the last either) It was recommended by a man at our local bookstore and I'm loving it. The main character, Eddie Chase, makes Chuck Norris and Bruce Willis look like wimps!

And then the phone rang. It was a woman from my past that I hadn't heard from in years, probably 15 years. I was stunned because I've thought of her through the years and actually, very recently thought of her again. I've tried locating her since I knew where they moved when they left here—Colorado. Her hubby was a hospital administrator and I called a hospital in the small Colorado town and asked for the administrator, but it wasn't her hubby. The new administrator helped me try and locate them but to no avail. I really liked this woman.

So fast forward several years from then and she got my address from a woman we both knew in the small town we moved from when we moved here. I didn't even know they knew each other.

Her life has changed dramatically. She's about 15 years younger than I am but a truly beautiful person, inside and out. She lives with her oldest daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren now. She and her hubby divorced and he left her destitute with 4 children. It's a sad story, but I was thrilled to have heard from her after all these years. We, of course, vowed to never lose contact again and exchanged emails. She may be going to live in Switzerland in the coming year. I just hope she heals from the devastating marriage she had to an abusive hubby.

It's funny what life brings you. I'm peacefully living my life and then out of the blue, a person calls and you hear their tale of woe and it yet confirms to me how blessed a life I live. I loved this woman because she helped me come into the Church. How can I forget someone who did that? She's a great lady and a beautiful one. No man should be able to destroy someone like he did her. I hope all of you reading this today see your own self-worth and don't depend on others to give it to you. There isn't one person out there who can give it to you; it's yours to take!

Another sweet thatched cottage in the UK somewhere.

Nope, I haven’t forgotten all you lovers of rustic. ;-)

Little cottage with French doors and an eyebrow window.

Cherry pie. Remember that song back in the 1950s or 1960s called Cherry Pie? It keeps going through my head but I simply cannot find it on google.

This may be called a cottage to some people but to me it’s more a lake house or vacation villa.

I just love the popularity of the once lowly cupcake now! I’ve always loved them because you can eat just one and be satisfied instead of a huge slice of cake.

While dark and foreboding, I thought this room had a handsomeness to it.

Lilacs in abundance. We don’t have any in our yard but perhaps I can get Love Bunny to plant a bush somewhere out back.

Looking into lavender fields through a gorgeous portal.

Do I even need to comment here? What an absolutely serene mews to live in.

Red and white bedroom. Gotta love it!

On our trips over to our granddaughter’s house in Washington near Redmond we come across several flower stands. Washington is a very lush state in the western part of it. The eastern part is desert, just like us here in western Idaho. The blackberries grow thick along the roads we travel to get there. If we go over in the spring we could stop and pick them for free. But most of the time we go in late summer and none left. But you’d never have to buy them if you lived there. They grow prolifically.

A kind of bohemian bedroom.

Cute idea for ways to store your fabric strips.

What darling polka dot dishes. I think this is somewhere in Europe judging from the language on the canister.

I would love that chair and cushion.

Is this lovely or what? It looks like a pixie or fairy picnic. Absolutely stunning.

A very doable and darling idea for your vine plants.