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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Military Family Story and Cottages and Lovely Rooms

To those of you who haven't seen yesterday's post I would recommend viewing it. I offered just a little bit of help with the new blogger interface. I'll be doing a more in depth tutorial in the near future, but it takes a long time to do a tutorial with screenshots. There is also a tutorial on taking screenshots with your computer if you have any interest. It is located on the side bar just below Blogging Tutorial. It comes in handy a lot of times.

Growing up in a military family had its advantages and disadvantages. One advantage was we traveled a lot and lived in many different places. One disadvantage was we traveled a lot and lived in many different places. You get the irony of this I'm sure.

Being a shy kid, I hated changing schools but especially in the middle of the school year. You know how it goes: Your parent takes you to the new school and registers you and then you are walked to the new classroom and introduced to the other students as you stand up at head of the class. I hated it. I was always mortified to be the new girl in class. I never got over the feeling of not belonging any place. That's one of the hazards of being a military brat. I'm guessing that many kids of military men didn't like it much either. Maybe that's why at this point in my life I don't like traveling. I absolutely love staying at home.

This is a home I would have loved to live in at some point in my life.

Aren't these cups/glasses beautiful? I'd love to have some.

Reminds me of Puerto Vallarta and the beauty of Mexico.

Cute and sweet and easy idea for an outdoor party.

Definitely an English-type home. Beautiful.


Pink cushions, but the table looks pink to me also.

Don't ya just love this?!

With the thatch roof this has to be in England or Ireland.

Roses touch me in a way nothing else can. Just their beauty calms my soul.

I know those of you looking at this now are wishing it belonged to you. It looks to be somewhere in Spain, Italy or France.

A very intricately thatched roof.

Somewhere along an old country road.

Yes, this is a little girl's playhouse.

 This home reminds me of old English mysteries, which I love.

Another office or studio idea. Easy, quick and cheap.

Anything like this catches my eye. I'm a lover of eye candy for sure. But this also gives me ideas.

This house could be anywhere in the world. It's just a classic stately home.

If you think your teacher is tough, wait until you get a boss or a drill instructor. (I know this from personal experience. Hubby was a Marine and a Marine drill instructor in the 1960s.)
Photos courtesy of tumblr and pinterest.