My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Monday, March 26, 2007

As mundane as.............

Thumbtacks!!!!!! Yep, I told you, and will probably tell you more times, that I try to incorporate everything in my life into something beautiful - even thumbtacks. These are just a few of them. But I have dozens of roses thumbtacks. Nothing, or I should say rarely anything, is mundane in my home or life.

Mexico is my favorite vacation spot. The mexicans are a gracious and laid back people and I love going there. Well, I did until I retired. I hate flying - always have and always will. I refuse to get on a plane now. Besides I love where I am now. Maybe that comes with the territory of getting older. Above is a picture of me and Jack in Puerto and then one of just me on the beach at Mismaloya. We've been to Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta (my favorite) and Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.

In Ixtapa I was caught by a wave on the beach and almost drowned! I now have a very healthy respect for the ocean. I stay out of it!! But it is a wonderful place to lay around the pools. And food?!?!! They brought my husband a prime rib that would have served a FAMILY! No kidding. It was served on a platter; it was that big.

Mazatlan has the best shrimp in the world. It is more deserty, where Puerto Vallarta is more tropical and lush. If you are planning a trip try the Los Tules condominimums in Puerto Vallarta. We usuallly would go on Memorial Day weekend for 10 days and we rarely saw any tourists in our condo. Seven pools to choose from and it was rare that we would have any people at the huge pool with us. It is a paradise. Eat, sleep, sun, walk, shop and sun some more. Wow, what a life! And the food is wonderful. They sold eggs by the kilo though which was a bit strange to us. And then we had to carry them back to the condo in a little plastic bag. Just so different but sooooo relaxing to just do nothing!!