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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm Out of th' Boot!!!

Yesssss, I am finally out of the boot. I'm happy, but I'm also missing it already. I felt confident with it on that no one would step onto my heel and it afforded me company without depriving me of solitude. ;-) BUT when the doctor looked at the wound today he saw a stitch that hadn't come out. They weren't dissolving stitches, and he did take them out, but apparently he missed one, and it had started to be covered by the new skin. I'm so glad he found it! I've had wound coverings and silvasorb on that wound for six weeks, and he wasn't going to cover it today but I said I wanted a band-aid. He laughed but I got my band-aid!

I saw the most incredible acting in a film I've ever seen the other day. It was Sling Blade and starred Billy Bob Thornton. I'd never heard of him but decided to stream the film on my laptop via Netflix and was enthralled by his acting. It was the most incredible acting I've ever seen. But I think I'm through viewing videos now. Hubby has admonished me! ;-)

Another thought I had was Bruce Willis, whose films I loved because I love action movies. When the "costumer" came up in the credits I thought it should have been "Hanes" or "Fruit of the Loom" because the only thing he wore was trousers, t-shirt and blood in every single video I watched. Love the movies though.

We were driving somewhere the other day in my car, which usually has the radio off but since hubs drove it one day it was on an FM station called The Tracy and Margo Show. I asked him why he listened to that particular station—old rock and roll—and he said they were funny and he needed humor. I told him he had ME for all the comedy relief he needed. He just nodded and laughed.