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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Random Thoughts 6/7/12

If you don't like ads on websites or blogs, there is a application you can use to obliterate them. I've listed a website where you can go to download this free or shareware application. I have a button on my sidebar that takes you there also since this blog post will, at some point, be far down or on the next page. So spread the word! It's the button just after my photos to the right.  -------->

If you've been a reader of my blog for any time, you know I do random thoughts once in a while. My random thoughts are simply that: thoughts that occur when I'm driving in the car, talking with Love Bunny (hubs), kids, friends, etc. I might even hear a radio program and think of something. Or I might even read an editorial on the internet or a news article, which will bring to mind a memory or just a thought. I'm sure you know what I mean. ;-) You've experienced this I'm sure. I might put them at the end of a blog post and sometimes I've put them at the beginning, which is less frequent as I'd prefer the lovely photos, or as I refer to them—eye candy, first. I'm very visual and need that. Anyway, this is one of those times that the random thoughts come first.

Random Thoughts:

In my quest to adjust to the new interface on blogger I posed a question to Google Forums. Sigh. How different they are from Apple Forums! Okay, so maybe I'm not doing it correctly but I tell you there are so many questions posed on there it's hard to get around. Google Blogger Forums, I mean. No topics for any specific issue, just a long line of questions.

Now, comparing it to Apple Discussions, for us Apple Mac aficionados, it's horrid. Apple has the best forums I've ever seen. Most of the answers come from tried and true gurus, knowledgeable men and women. Top notch people! You get immediate answers most of the time or advice or where to find it in the documents within Apple. Most of the time questions are answered very quickly though. Blogger just seems to "stab" at an answer. So trying to do a New Interface Tutorial has been something of a challenge. I'm still at it though so I'm not giving up. Actually, I'm still learning what works and doesn't work, but from the looks of some blogs, it's not going well with bloggers at all.
Most of you know my affinity for camping: I hate it. Hubs is replacing the canvas in our pop-up trailer but at some point I'm going to have to tell him I'm not going camping anymore. I just can't do it now, especially with this leg I hurt in the fall at the lake 2 years ago. Camping? I don't want to become one with nature! That says it all for me.

If it weren't for children, moms would be perfect. I adhere to that philosophy because I have 2 kids!

I was at a blog the other day, one that has ads, and a rollover ad for Finish dishwasher detergent came on accidentally and I couldn't stop it. I was miffed. It just went on and on and into another ad and on and on. I'm either going to be very careful I don't "rollover" one or stop going to blogs with ads like that altogether. Very annoying. I hate giving up blogs I love though. We'll see.

The word awesome is used waaaay too much. I rarely use it unless I'm describing something that inspires awe, meaning great reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder. Wait, wait!! That could definitely apply to the people I see in the grocery stores with tattoos and piercings. They inspire fear and wonder in me! Why do things like that to your body? Makes me wonder.

I stopped at our Gem Stop gas station/mini-mart the other day to pick up a donut. Yeah, yeah, I have a weakness for their donuts and don't do it very often. That day though I was behind a lady who walked out with beer and cigarettes and the total was $86.00! I was astounded. First of all, mini-marts are notorious for being expensive, and secondly, do beer and cigarettes cost that much? Couldn't believe it.

Stop worrying. Life is NOT about skinny women; it's about women, period. I can promise you that.

Again, bottles that could have been discarded put to good use.

Eye candy for your walls.

Stephanie, this bling is for you, Sugar! :-) And smooches for Mum. ;-)

Beautiful plates.

Sweet place to throw your totes.

My daughter has one like this and she does store her good silverware in it.

More silverware and a lovely way to display it.

Somehow this drew my attention. White with a splash of black and beige thrown in makes it very beautiful.

Sweet gift for a friend.

Couldn't resist throwing in these darling plates of bluebirds.

Tattered elegance.


I love these chairs and that little table.

Welcome to my getaway. No, not mine, just kidding.

We all know I cannot resist any photos with bougainvillea in it.

Or a photo of an old watering trough made useful.

Okay, okay, I'd camp for a few hours in this, may even one night but that's it!