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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rambling Today 3/25/14

I was thinking this past week about my all-time favorite movie. You know, the one you loved the most. Of course, I like action, thriller, murder, spy movies the best.

So in thinking about that I went out and rented the old Frank Sinatra movie, The Manchurian Candidate. I then watched on Amazon Instant Video the new one with Denzel Washington, one of my favorite actors. But I have to admit the Frank Sinatra one was the best. I liked it far more. A few months ago I watched Key Largo with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. It was just a bit weird watching those old movies and thinking how much movies have changed through the years. The old ones seemed amateurish with the scenery and all, but we loved those movies.

Okay, for my all-time favorite movie: Lonesome Dove. As I'm a book reader, several years ago I was reading the book and couldn't read it fast enough as it's a very thick book. I made a pot of soup for dinner that night, asked hubby to go rent the movie and watched it for 6 hours! I didn't realize it until this week that it was a television series. Truly! Now, since we don't have a television, I have to watch on one of my computers, but that was fine with me. I may rent Lonesome Dove again from Amazon and watch it. That was an American epic movie. If you haven't seen it, rent it and watch it. It's so worth it.

I recently had a bout of acute bronchitis. Never have had it before but it got me down so badly I'm still recuperating from it. All I wanted to eat was ice cream and french fries. Bless my hubby's heart, he made so many trips to WM for ice cream and Jack In The Box for fries. My idea of a balanced diet for 2 weeks was Tillamook's Mud Slide ice cream or Blue Bunny's Bunny Tracks. With a little french fries thrown in for...well, just because I love them. I wanted comfort food and I truly got it!

And one other thing. My pinterest boards have over 14,100 photos with over 25,500 followers. Just so you know, there are nothing but beautiful, "eye candy" images on there. Go visit it. I promise you won't regret it. Just beautiful images.

Could you ask for a cuter kitchen than this tiny, efficient one? I find it vastly appealing.

I think this little flower shop is adorable. You can find many flower shops but this one has an old world appeal to it.

One of my favorite breakfasts is pancakes with maple syrup. Or pie. Or muffins. I'm not keen on cereal or eggs but I love sausage and bacon.

A vase of fragrant flowers in lavender.

Squeeeeal!! Be still my heart. A train car with a piano. I can't wait for our train trip in 2016.

A darling vintage medicine cabinet if you're lucky enough to find one like it.

Yes, I love this sofa, but I'd probably not buy it. I'd have the chairs patterned with a plain sofa in this style though.

And I really like this little area for a sun room.

Love the chair and these lovely pillows.

This looks like a candy shop to me, all pink and black.

Lovely setting for an outdoor party. The chair covers are what drew me in here.

I'm not averse to blue rooms; I just like pink ones better. This one is beautiful though.

Pink and yellow roses with beautiful china ware.

Another darling setting perhaps for tea with a friend.

I love everything about this room: sofa, chairs, tables, big windows and beautiful fireplace.
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Monday, March 17, 2014

Just Pretty Eye Candy Today Cuz I'm Tired.

A ten second video of what happens when our 16 month old great granddaughter wants the camera her mummy is holding but gets a hair clip instead. Laughable!! Poor little munchkin. Can you see that change of face from joy to disappointment in 5 seconds? Great grand kids are a joy beyond heaven!


A very sweet area to relax and read.

I love aprons.

This is another house I could live in with the kitchen, dining room and living room one long room.

A sweet vignette with a chair I adore.

Lavish tablecloths adorning a huge table in a lovely dining room.

Sweet lamp in a pretty room.

I sure am seeing a lot of pretty rooms lately. This is one. Darling and unique with that dress and jacket hanging in the window.

A quaint antique shop.

Bougainvillea gracing a lovely entry way to a home.

Lovin' the red on this home.

Beautiful dinnerware with flair.

Another vignette worthy of note!

A cute shabby chic living room.

More romantic tulips in red, pink and white with a cute polka dot vase.

Just call this a "cozy corner."
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Story of One Heroic Woman

I'm finally getting over the cough, which turned out to be acute bronchitis, which I don't think I've ever had. It was rough. I stayed in the house for a month and rarely ventured out. But today I had hubby take me to the beauty shop for a hair cut since I haven't done a thing to it for about 3 weeks. Just too weak to do anything but sleep and read.
This says it all so just read and pay tribute to this most magnificent of human beings. I only hope I'd have had the courage this woman had to save lives. Just another thing I must improve on I suppose. The humanity in this woman isn't even present in the tip of my finger. She's one of my heroes, along with the men and woman of the armed forces who want to fight and die for my country. Thank you to all you veterans. My heart is touched every day by your courage. If you are the relative or friend of a warrior, give them a kiss from this old lady. Please!

And now for some eye candy.

This is one of my favorite rooms. Oh, I have many! This is just one I love, arranged for conversation and not especially television watching.

And as I've said, I love a bit of the French look since that is part of my heritage, but I'm a pure-bred American and proudest most for that. Vive l'america!!

I found this flower arrangement most stunning. Few flowers and just candle holders, but truly stunning.

Look at how the furniture is adapted to the curvature of the windows. Lovely.

Simply a bit of eye candy in a cute little cup made into a pin cushion.

And another one most charming.

The kind of wrapping I'd like to receive on a gift.

Another pretty vignette for a dinner party.

I love this chair, even the gray stripe fabric. If I need a neutral color I'd never ever use beige; I'd use gray and have in a room we redecorated in California. Love it much more than "neutral beige", which to me looks dirty.

Without those windows this room would be just another living room, but that wall of window—along with the chandelier—makes it magnificent.

Cookies too pretty to eat!

A simple, yet stunning, room done just right.

A place to rest and dream.

A beautiful kitchen.
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Yanni and Until the Last Moment

I simply want to share this video of Yanni and Samvel Yervinyan playing one of my favorite songs, Until the Last Moment. It is a song I've selected to be played at my funeral...someday. ;-) It is simply gorgeous and eternal. I listen to it in my car a lot. It is just so romantic and speaks to me of eternal life.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Respect for Others IS Love

I have read a few things on the internet about bullying this past year. I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and they put out videos like this. This one especially hit home with me. I was never really bullied as a child or teen but there was one incident that stands out in my senior year of high school, just this one time only.

As I've said before, I was the child of a military man and we moved around a lot. I hated it. But I was in my junior year of high school and we moved to a new place. Being a rather shy young woman, it was difficult for me, especially in my last year and a half of high school. I was always a "visible" person, even to this day. But there were two girls who made fun of me one particular day on the school bus. Looking back, I have no idea why but I'm guessing they were jealous. Otherwise, why do something so cruel as to make fun of another person? It was a short incident but it has stuck with me all these years. I'm not into the "State" taking care of these things; I believe it's a parent's responsibility to teach these things to their children. I tried doing that with mine. But it's not up to other people to intervene unless it's criminal. Just my opinion. I suggest you watch this video and think about it. The speech is one from a General Conference talk of our church by Dieter Uchtdorf and is most profound. If this doesn't touch your heart and make you think, then there's not much hope for you. If you love others, you'll love yourself and vice versa. That also goes for respect. Seeing this reminds me I have much to work on also.


A gorgeous Ralph Lauren room. I love his rooms because they are masculine in a feminine way or vice versa, but they are for just about anyone with taste.

I really do like white rooms but I need color and I think those homeowners who are switching to all white in their living rooms will revert back in a short while. It gets awfully boring seeing no color in a room.

I really do love these pink and white tulips but tulips have such a short life span I don't let hubby plant them. I'd rather buy them at the market already cut.

I have seen these little bottle vignettes done all in white with cast off glasses and love it more than this color one, but I do think this is lovely. I plan on doing a white one or all pink with some of my vases and cast off glasses soon. I think it's just lovely. I think having them all the white color would pull them together more.

YES!!! It's a private train car. I'm in the stages of planning a trip for our whole family for our 55th anniversary in a couple of years. I want a train trip where I don't have to fly to get to it and spend at least one night on the train with all of us. Maybe even 2 nights. My son has responded: "Sweeeeeeeeet!" Our grandkids are all grown except for 2 that are 17 and 18 so it'll be fun for them, especially the great grand girls who will be 5 and 3 about that time.

I love this room. Who says Christmas have to be red and green? Pink and purple are great also!

One of the loveliest pillows I've ever seen. I have a plethora of pillows I'm trying to get rid of, giving some to the granddaughters but the grandsons want nothing to do with froufrou pillows.

A gorgeous tablecloth and dinner setting. I love gorgeous dishes.

Do I really need to say anything about this chocolate comfort food?

Yeah, yeah, I know. You all want a place like this in France. ;-)

Remember when about 8 years ago these vinyl chair covers were all the rage but they cost about $125.00 for a custom one? I would have loved to have bought one and they are worth it but I just couldn't see spending that much. Also I was too lazy to make one so I never did get one. I'm glad I didn't now as I'd have had to wash it frequently in this dusty desert farming community.

Yessireeee, my idea of camping—taking my foam bed, chairs, huge tent, porch, plants, rug for wiping shoes and lights out into the woods. Hubby just laughs and sneers at this though. ;-)

Isn't this a neat idea? Get a long concrete bench and put pillows on it for when a crowd shows up. It's pretty enough to have in a house that can accommodate it also.

Just some real candy and "eye candy" for ya.

This is my kind of kitchen—having a dining room in it. Saves a lot of space and a formal dining set goes well in it. I love this!
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