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Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm Not a Wimp.

Just a reminder: 
For those of you who don't know or realize it, I have a Pinterest page with well over 11,100 images. All "eye candy" you would love to see. I post daily or at least very often there. Go visit it. With over 7,700 followers in just about 6 months, you know there are some gorgeous images there. I doubt you'll be disappointed. Enjoy them!

Several women I know are just starting to go through menopause. I'm about 20 - 35 years older than some of the women I hang out and go to lunch with a few times a month. I hear such horrid stories of hot flashes and mood swings. I can't relate to that as mine was very easy—no hot flashes, no mood swings (Tell that to hubby and he'll laugh, but it's true. I've always been a nag!), nothing close to what I've heard or been told by other women. I was lucky. I never took a hormone pill except for one day and no HRT either. I took the one pill after prescribed by my doctor and didn't like the feeling it gave me so didn't go beyond the first pill.

Some are even considering hysterectomies and I have to tell you mine was the easiest operation ever. I went in on a Monday, had it on a Tuesday, asked if I could go home on Thursday and after astonished looks and a chat with my doctor, he said I could if I felt that great. He said I was the only patient he ever had that wanted to leave so fast after surgery. I told him I had worlds to conquer and better things to do than lay around all day in a bed. The following Monday I was back in Jazzercise class but told the instructor that I'd had surgery the past week in case things got a bit weird. I never had a problem at all and continued Jazzercizing the whole week. That's how fast I recuperate. Loved Jazzercise.

An absolutely gorgeous bedroom and look how the homeowner did the side tables.

Love this checkered chair.

White with lavender is so soothing.

Lucky the woman who has that little shelf to use for decorating with flowers from her garden. Sigh.

I have absolutely no reason why but this home reminds me of Africa. South Africa to be precise. I don't know why.

A lovely vignette in a store. Who would have thought that discarded vintage bed springs would become so popular in shabby chic decorating. Watch out for the dumpster divers! :-)

I absolutely love old radiators like these in these in this room. They really do give the most even heat in a room and I think are rather pretty in a room. I'd have them if I could. Great even heat throughout a room without gusts of warmth on your face.

A very colorful and beautiful home entry.

A favorite craft of mine is making these roses. Very relaxing, easy, fast and wonderful for decorating jackets, blouses and coats.

What a terrific room for 4 kids! I think it'd be fun to share a room with siblings under these circumstances. Everyone has a privacy curtain and a light.

A nice example of shabby chic decorating.

This looks like it could be a pin storage container. Whatever it is, it's gorgeous.

I just cannot get enough of embroidered roses today. I have to make some shoes like this for a new mother in our ward. She'll be surprised, I'm sure.

What a way to store our jellies and jams you've made. Cute!!!

While this is somewhat Victorian and I'm not fond of Victorian as it is strictly applied, but this room is lovely.


The Swedish pop group Abba once turned down an offer of $1,000,000,000 (billion!) to reunite. Now that takes courage and character in my book.