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Monday, November 10, 2008

Sewing/Craft Room Before and During

You've seen the before of this room. It's beige walls are now pink. See the transition below.

Jason, my sweet painter. Ain't he adorable?!?!

Getting better but still needs new pink toile curtains, pretty shelving put on wall you cannot see and tidying up and more frou frou stuff. My sewing table is another old school desk that has been green, blue and will be white soon. Probably last on list since it's getting colder now and can't paint outside. I can paint in garage still though, but it'll be several days before I can do this desk.

You can start to see some of the roses I've put on the wall near the ceiling - a frieze. I got up early this day and put all the roses on there. I had to measure for some and just "eyeballed" the rest. Turned out pretty good I think. But more to do, of course.