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Monday, July 16, 2012

Lovin' My Camera

I've loved cameras and photography ever since they became digital. I was absolutely horrible at photos before. When I started purchasing digital cameras, I started with a Kodak and it was fun and much nicer than the old regular cameras. Then I started purchasing Canons and never looked back. I love Canon cameras! I've bought up probably 2 or 3 times now and currently have a EOS Rebel XS with 10 megapixels and paid $500 for it and that's about twice what I paid for the previous Canons . It's a very good camera and adequate for me as I'm not a professional photographer and cannot justify buying another one at this point. I love this camera, absolutely love it.

My friend, Stacy, has had Nikons for a while. She's a professional photographer and very good at it. But when her Nikon broke right in the middle of a family reunion holiday and she sent it off, the cost was extraordinarily high for a replacement for the part that broke. It cost her close to what she originally paid for the whole Nikon.

She has now switched to Canon and loves them also. While I could only sing the praises of Canon as a non-professional, she listened and acted. But she paid $1800 for just the body with no lens and it was a used one. Then she purchased a lens. I lust after her camera, but it just isn't feasible financially for me, a non-pro. She also rented a very wide lens to take on another family reunion this summer. She loved it. I don't know if she'll purchase a wide angle lens but before she sent it back she was kind and gracious enough to rush over and snap my living room in wide angle. I love how the photos came out. I have never, ever been able to capture this small living room like her wide angle 20 megapixels did. She's my best bud forever now! This is that photo:

This book is the first one I bought on decorating so to speak. Oh, I'd bought plenty of the hardback ones with glorious photos from a book club, but this is the one that touched my heart as no other one could. It is enthralling to the nth degree. I've bought several for giveaways and only have 2 left. So, I just ordered 3 more to give away. Mine is the original cover and the new ones have a different cover but they are all the same inside. I plan on sharing these in giveaways soon. Not in this post, but soon! So stay tuned. It changed my life in the way I decorated, thought about decorating, lived my life and thought about others and living in general. It's wonderfully written and I believe you'll enjoy it. But don't go buy one because you just may win one from me!!! BUT to be fair to my Followers, you must be one to win. I love the people who decided to follow me. They definitely get preferential treatment. That's just the way it is. Loyalty counts in my book! ;-)

I have no ability with growing anything, but hubs can grow anything, especially our gorgeous roses.

As most of you, I love roses more than anything and have a small rose garden in front of our home.

This one is ruffly. Not a good photo but it was taken weeks ago so it is what it is. Focus is off. You just try taking a photo with the camera in one hand and the flower in the other and see how good YOU can do. ;-)

This one is gorgeous with the ends of the petals sort of scalloped. When it's open, it's very, very full.

This one has a tinge of yellow at its center. Beautiful when in full bloom.

Deep pink rose color on this one.

Just another view of one bush.

In full bloom with a yellow tinge in center.

A secluded and lush patio surrounded by palms and succulents. Probably in a southern part of the U.S. I actually love living in the Idaho southwest desert. We have an abundance of trees but the climate is dry and not humid. Perfect for me, except in the summers with 103° heat. I then rarely venture out of doors.

Isn't it cute how this homeowner incorporated the red glass in the windows and doors adding a little pizzazz there?

A beautiful shade of blue. I think this is in a European city mainly because of no cabinets, the sink and water faucet and the appliances are a bit different.

A stone house with a tile roof that must be in a desert somewhere. I love that door also, very sturdy looking.

Squeeeeeal!!! I have several unfinished small birdhouses I need to decorate and have hubs put on a shelf like this for our extra keys. Fabulous!!!!

 The person who invents underwear that comes out of the dryer right side out should be made President for life, knighted and given sainthood!

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