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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Couture #3

At this point I'd like to say a few things.

Yes, these fashions are exquisite. I'm talking about the talent of the designers of the clothing, fabrics and the seamstresses. Just the construction of these fashions takes a lot of experience and talent and time.

While salivating over the beauty here, I must say I'm pretty astounded at how fashion has become so immodest. I recently saw a model in a dress that was nude on one side all the way down. I knew it was nude and not just flesh-colored fabric because the breast and private area were clearly visible. This is high-fashion?!

I'm naturally a modest person but my religion highly promotes modesty. I wouldn't have it any other way. My body is private for me and my hubby.

Years ago, in Berkeley, California, a male student attended classes in the nude. He was told to get some clothes on. He then sued the University and won. Now, what does that say about our society when nudity is allowed in a public institution, but any semblance of God is not allowed? Even if you're not religious, there has to be some concern for societal indifference to nudity where children can see it. I don't want to hear about "yeah, but the body is beautiful" or anything like that. Yes, our bodies are beautiful but we don't have to flaunt every single thing we've got to the whole world. There is a sacredness about our bodies. Even most of these fashions I couldn't wear because my undergarments would show. I think they're gorgeous but I'd never wear any of them or, at least, very few of them. I never wear anything sleeveless unless I have a jacket or shirt over my dress or tank top. I wear long dresses mostly but I wouldn't wear anything much above my knees. These are just my standards and I don't impose my standards to the world. I wear clothing that my church suggests we wear for modesty. No mandatory rules here, just what we know to be modest and not salacious. But I'm seeing so many teens and moms wearing things that years ago we'd never even think of wearing. Tops that leave nothing to the imagination. Skirts so short I can see up their dresses to their underwear when in a restaurant sitting down. It saddens me greatly.

Enjoy this batch of luscious couture!