My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Looked Out My Window and What Did I See?

It wasn't apricots growing on an apricot tree. It was snowy branches through lace curtains. Lights reflecting from our eaves into the bushes below it. Dormant bushes and trees waiting patiently for next spring. Sidewalks steeped in snow. Awakening neighbors out shoveling their driveways. I can hear the crunch of the snow and ice of vehicles coming down the street.

And then the roses in the house call to me to show you. ;-)

I have a massage appointment this morning and am sooooo looking forward to it. I need it badly.

Random Thoughts:

Monday nights are Jack In The Box nights for us. Their grilled chicken salad. I love it but I get mine crispy. I love their balsamic dressing.

Anyway, we were recently there and that's when I realized that husbands and wives are the same the world over. Another couple was sitting at the next table. They were Hispanic and chatting with each other in Spanish probably about the day's events like Love Bunny and me. Then I noticed the husband just grunted like most husbands. She'd talk and he'd just say, "Hmmmh" or "Uh huh." Quite cute actually to know we're all the same as couples the world over!

I am always telling, and will forever tell, people our age who decide to build bigger houses because their kids are grown, married and gone but come home for holidays: That's what hotels and motels are for. Why keep a 4 or 5 bedroom house with 3500+ s.f. for just 2 people whose families only increase during the holidays? Makes no sense to me.

Fridays are our "expensive" dinner nights. We eat at Outback, Applebees or Olive Garden those nights, if you'd call that expensive. Monday at JITB: less than $10; Fridays at other places: around $40.

I pretty much stick to Fettucini Alfreco at OG but hubs varies his entree. His favorite is the Apricot Chicken, but sometimes he'll try something new. Whenever we order the waitress or waiter will invariably say, "Good choice. I just tried that the other night and loved it." Is there nothing they haven't tried when we order? Sure makes me wonder why they've "just tried it." I'm not the type to roll my eyes, but I always feel a great pull at my optic nerves that I've not experienced since puberty!

It's been my experience that children are dressed according to their mothers' temperature. Mummies will put a sweater or coat on them when they—mummy—feels cold. The kid probably is dying from the heat most of the time. I always let my kids decide if they were too warm or cold. They certainly wouldn't die from hypothermia in my house!

This happened recently at an event I didn't particularly want to attend but got dragged to by hubby. There are times I have decided that broaching the subject of what's on my mind at some parties would qualify me for poor socializing. ;-) I pretty much keep my mouth shut and for ME this is truly hard to do. But you know what I mean. We've all been there when the person we're talking to has 2 brain cells—one for breathing in and one for breathing out. Sigh...

Until next time, my sweet chicks.