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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Gifts

As some of you may know I've been down in California since last week visiting with kids and grandkids. I prescheduled posts so I could have a break but I wanted to tell you about my mother's day gift. Now, as I've said before, there are some things in my life I've wanted to do for some time. Oh, not terribly exciting things like skydiving or bungee heart couldn't do that...but just something I thought would be fun.

We went to San Diego saturday to check out our grandson's college—UCSD—and while there we went to MCRD, which is Marine Corps Recruit Depot. We lived there in the early 60s while Jack was on the drill field there, so it had been a long time since we'd seen it. We actually lived across the street and up a hill a bit from it. WOW!!! Has it changed! But my son and daughter-in-law bought me a bottle of Juicy Couture Perfume at the PX there and that stuff is NOT cheap, trust me, even there. Then when we got home my daughter-in-law told me about their WM having a spa. Well, without further chatter, let me show you the pix.

That's right. Eyelashes. Not false ones but extensions that are glued on. My DIL took me to WM and in about 1/2 hour I had eyelash extensions. And, yes, I photoshopped the photos because I had absolutely no makeup on at the time and I looked horrid. I wanted a clean face to begin with. I did only my skin. The eyes are real and not photoshopped.

Son and his wife in wedding photo. The boys are now 21 and almost 14.