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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Social Media

What's going on with blogging? I have a list of favorites on my Google Reader and, for the most part, hardly any of them have posted much for the past several months. Is blogging becoming tiresome for some people? What could possibly be the reason?

Blogging isn’t that old but in terms of technology, it’s becoming old fast. I love blogging and have no intention of giving it up. But what happens next? What will be the next new social media that has everyone abuzz? I have no clue, but I never thought we’d see something like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin either.

I don’t care much for social media. I never joined myspace. I joined Facebook under another name because I don’t particularly want anyone I knew years ago trying to find me. Someone did a few years ago but it wasn’t someone I wanted to be in contact with so I changed my name. I’m only on there so I can see my granddaughter and great granddaughter’s photos. I can’t think of a single person I’d want to find.

I tried twitter for one day. That was it. I don’t get what people see about it, but then I don’t text either—refuse to do it. Phones are for talking. Voices. Not text. I want to hear the person on the phone. I doubt seriously if I’ll ever change. I’m an old lady. I have 5 computers in this house. I’m rarely gone for more than a short time out of this house and if we travel, 2 laptop computers go with us—mine and hubs’. So I have no need to text when I can send a message on email from my Mac and they’ll get it on their phone if they so choose.

Linkedin? Not a chance. I don’t bother with those things. I’m an old lady—retired. I don’t want to bond with other women who work. But with technology and social media changing I am still wondering what the next big thing will be. I'll keep blogging until I just can't anymore.

But I have noticed there aren't as many blogs on my Google Reader posting as much as they used to. So is the death knell sounding? I sure hope not. I love to do my blog. What are your thoughts on this and please don't be reticent to talk about it? I'd really like to know what you think.

I love red doors. Mine is red but it is going to need painting by next year. I’m waiting to find the brightest, prettiest, truest color of red I can. I may even paint it a bright pink. We’ll see on which color I decide, but it’ll be a red pink no matter what.

Another beauty.

But my all time favorite house color combination is white house, black trim and red/pink fuchsia door. No doubt about that. We’re just trying to figure out how to do it with the way our house is.

I love this clever idea of old canning jars with lace glued to the outside just sitting around the house with tea lights in them. I’ll be making some and putting them out on occasion.

I don’t know where this building is but I sure salute the owner for being so bold with this gorgeous color of pink.

Sweet bedroom for a girl, but the clever use of fabric or a tapestry on the bed is lovely.

I have never seen such a darling patio set but I’d love to have it for our patio.

Now, we all know this is not realistic to have a bed outside but on a screened in porch this could be done with little or no trouble at all.

This old tub chair looks quite up-to-date with a pretty pink flowered fabric on it.

This dresser painted pink stuffed with plants could be put on a porch in a sunny location but out in a garden it would quickly fall apart with the elements beating it up.

This looks like it would be in another country from the decor and it’s darling but I’m not so sure the city would allow us to have a tree growing out of our roof. ;-)

This gave me an idea for the hanging lights I have in this office. I have two I haven’t hung up so I’m going to put some crepe paper ruffles on them and stick them somewhere in this house. I like this clever idea and I have scads of crepe paper.

Swoon. But where do you get sheets for round beds?

Just a cute idea for an outdoor dinner.

This idea is cute but I know my hubby wouldn’t like contending with curtains around our dining table. Plus, with a cathedral ceiling in there I doubt it would work without a lot of fabric and planning.

Cute red items for a backyard.

Just for smiles from you. ☺

Go find some old tubs and create this for a fun patio. Paint the tubs pink even.