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Friday, November 2, 2012

What Makes Us Different As A Country?

I've been thinking about this for some time now. Do you realize how un-modern Europe is? It's amazing to me how they don't even have plumbing as modern as we do. We have toilets that are above anything in any other part of the world. I mean no disparagement to our sister countries in Europe; it's just a fact having been to several and relatives visiting and/or living in several other countries. Those civilizations have been around thousands of years longer than we have. How is this possible? Based on a curiosity of here we are as a people, and we're no different than anybody else—less than 300 years as a nation. So many of these day-to-day standards of living things regarding hygiene and so forth are far advanced beyond people who've been around thousands of years—nations, cultures—at least many more hundreds of years than we have. Is it the entrepreneurship of this country? The rugged individualism? What? I'm asking. I won't even mention the countries on other continents. To me, it's puzzling. Some of our inventions have come from ideas the early Romans gave us. What happened over there that they don't have the conveniences we do?

When we were in Dublin, my hair dryer demolished the electrical outlet and we had converters! I tried to look innocent when we went down to breakfast that day. But I've never blown out a circuit in a U.S. hotel or motel.  

Another thatched cottage for you.

An antique French daybed with pillows.

A pretty table setting.

A cottage in Carmel. I may have posted this one before but it's still beautiful. Just look at that eyebrow window.

A gorgeous patio I'd love to have.

A beautiful entry into a backyard.

I can never, ever resist a pink room to show you!

A most unusual room and lamp. Notice the pillows are a pumpkin color but also reminiscent of pumpkins. The lamp looks like it could be in a witches house, too. ;-)

More delightful linens. Some of my favorite things to post.

I've just been struck by an idea. But isn't this display gorgeous?!

Lace, beads, ribbon and the beginning of roses being made.

A curious lamp inside a bakery. Delightful indeed.

How sweet is this breakfast room.

A pretty bow.

Trellised roses.